Watch “Baby Driver” online free – The ingenious combination of music and cinema

Watch “Baby Driver” online free – The ingenious combination of music and cinema
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Watch baby driver online free has received a lot of praise from the audience since the movie. Most of the good comments about the film come from the stage image, actors and content but perhaps most distinctive is the music. “Baby Driver” brings audiences with a sense of humor in an action-packed movie that combines original music with humorous situations.

The movie is about a guy with a super driving skillDs called BABY. He robbed the car and lost money of Doc Wanderer, Baby must accept the participation in a number of robbery to repay. Under the deal, just to help tear down two robberies, Baby will be released. However, things are not so easy. And the journey of the ferry started also.

Baby Driver is also a movie is the perfect combination of music with cinema, animation. Discover what that combination was that helped Baby Driver to be so successful!

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Baby Driver – The unique combination between music and cinema

Baby Driver can be considered a great music party with a combination of the melody and sound of firearms, fire. You will be immersed in a series of songs and scenes of action, violence, or speed racing beautiful.

Baby Driver is a story about a youngster can not live without music. After a childhood accident, Baby becomes an orphan, and then lives with his adoptive father hearing impaired. Aftershocks left him with a tinnitus, listening to music to soothe his ears. So Baby’s form always comes with headphones and ipods, as well as the fact that he can not live without music. With the ability to drive super, Baby engaged in bank robbery to make a living and when the music emerged was when he acted.

You will enjoy speed racing, shooting, chasing choking. Acting in the movie is quite violent and bloody because of talking about the infamous sisters jointly planned to rob banks. Although the action scenes are not so much or monumental but the content is so tight and attractive that the audience can not take their eyes off the screen. Contributing to that success is the music.

In Baby Driver, music plays a very important role. Music complements everything, every scene and action in the film, and makes it all rhythmic. It seems that the content as well as the script of the whole movie is written around the soundtrack. The film uses music to guide all episodes, scenes as well as happenings. In the action scenes, the music is mixed with sounds like gunshots, slamming doors, footsteps or falls, loading bullets … all intertwined correctly and seamlessly. You will see music directing action for the film. This will increase your excitement in sensational action scenes.

Each scene uses a different song, such as each robbery, depending on the nature and manner of it, have the appropriate music. Romantic scenes, loneliness, nostalgia or meaningful moments, each moment is an emotional song. A total of 35 songs were used in the Baby Driver and it was kicked off by Jon Spencer’s opening song, Blues Explosion. You can feel what the song is doing right on the road. This is a completely new and exciting combination. You will be emotionally drained with extreme songs and shrill gunshots or roaring sounds of car engines. A feeling is strange that great.

The content of the film is not too new but is shown extremely attractive, not too redundant. The characters have enough land and perform very well role. The two female characters are pretty. Even the supporting characters make a great contribution to making the movie better, more nuanced. The movie has a pretty cool and classic ending, but it makes the audience feel more comfortable because of the intense tension that the film has created almost all through the day.

Comes with good content, pictures, sound has ears then a little humor from the movie is indispensable. Comedy is not too much, very charming and certainly will make you laugh at the cinema comfortably. If you pay attention, listen, think, you will see more than racing and action. Baby Driver will make you satisfied and bring the highest moments of entertainment.

Baby Driver – The perfect mix between action and music!

This is an action / comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, and Baby Driver is his first project in four years, starting with The World’s End in 2013. Currently, the film receives a lot of lyrics. High praise from film critics for quality content. The story of the movie focuses on a young driver, a rather innocent face named Baby (Ansel Elgort plays), he is a talented and experienced. His life seems to be moving in a new direction after accidentally meeting his dream girl (Lily James), Baby sees that this could be an opportunity for him to say goodbye to the the crime of his. At work, Baby has to work for dangerous crime boss (Kevin Spacey), who is threatening his life. Other cast members include Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal, Eiza Gonzalez, Flea and Sky Ferreira.

Director Edgar Wright revealed in an interview in December that he wanted to make a film about action music, which is something that can be easily seen in the trailer when the baby has just won the race. immersed in the music on his phone. Edgar also jokes that music will play a very important role in the film, but the tracks used in it are still kept secret. Interestingly, there are over 35 songs that have been used by the producers in Baby Driver, including some of the world’s most popular songs, to songs “you’ve never heard of!”

Baby Driver – When music overlaps crime and evil

Baby drivers show a new topic, not too many movies or tricks but the content is tight, attractive and deep. Baby story if it is just about a honest guy, accidentally pushed into a vicious circle of money and stick to a gang of wanderers, threatened life and love people … probably will Can not make the audience impressed. Although many of the scenes in the movie are shots fired, chasing, racing to breathe but the whole content seems to give the viewer a very gentle and deep feeling. Baby always bring your phone to listen to music with many different iPods. As a result of car accidents, Baby had problems with the ears should listen to music to soothe the ears, not to buzz. Apart from always wearing the phone, Baby always carry glasses. The writer’s impression that the songs always ring in Baby’s ear not merely help him soothe the pathology but rather hide his mental pain. In other words, it was the music that helped Baby to stay calm and bladder with the reality he was facing.

Baby becomes the driver support for the bandit is reluctant. Many of the scenes in the movie show that Baby deliberately dodged the lever in a clever way to avoid direct collisions that could injure the police or create conditions for his hands to kill. Perhaps, in addition to not wanting to become a criminal, Baby does not want to see or hear the horrible sound of gunshots. It’s the crime and the bad that Baby wants to cover, cover up. The echoes of the ears help Baby to do that. This is also seen as a real escape from the sin that directly or indirectly Baby has contributed to.

The filmmakers, in a way that skillfully combines music into the action and the emotional segments in the film. About 30 songs of many decades have been properly associated in different scenes. With a cool little look, Ansel Elgort has successfully portrayed Baby as the name implies. Baby loves her beautiful waitress Deborah (Lily James) and wants to take her out of the world he is facing. The romance was short-lived as Bats (Jamie Fox) made a mistake during a mission.

The ending of the film does not create a big surprise for the whole story but it makes the audience admired. Baby, a young man who dared to commit, committed a crime, accidentally or intentionally also take the penalty. However, the good things he has done are well compensated, partly to jeopardize the delinquent actions that Baby has trotted hands.

The Baby Chase carries the clear message that the crime committed whether it is wanted or not must be punished appropriately. And people, sometimes want to live a good life is not easy. When it is impossible to resist evil, people seek to fill in to find peace in their hearts. It is the music that helps us do that, just like Baby, enjoying the melody as a remedy to soothe the pain of living with it.

Apart from the music, the scenes and acting of the actors are OK. Funny, high-spirited dialogue, female cast is very attractive. The movie has successfully blended many elements of the film including music, action, drama and sweet love. Baby drivers should be the choice for you on the weekend.

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