Deadpool putlocker – Watch Deadpool full movie online free

Deadpool putlocker – Watch Deadpool full movie online free
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Watch Deadpool full movie online free – I have never laughed so hard at a movie before. It was amazing, but I was shocked at the number of children under 8 that was brought to see the movie. I am so happy that Ryan Reynolds is such a huge Deadpool fan and made sure he stayed true to the character. He made sure nothing was left out. I have been waiting for this for months. 10 stars isn’t even enough to rate this. Parents, you cannot be upset at the theater or even those who made the movie. Blame yourselves for letting your children see this even after all the commercials stating from the actor himself that it is not for children. Guess this movie was just for us nerds. Ah just too amazing!


Deadpool putlocker – Watch Deadpool full movie online free

Deadpool review by Tavm – Deadpool is for anyone who loves a hilarious R-rated action superhero film!

Previously, Ryan Reynolds had portrayed Green Lantern, which I remember enjoying but I later found out others had not. Knowing that, I have to say that me and my movie theatre-working friend really enjoyed him here as Deadpool, a wisecracking costumed hero from Marvel Comics who swears, kills, and is mainly after the guy who did something bad to him. He also has a fine-looking girl played by Morena Baccarin who seems a perfect match for him. This was quite a funny, action-packed movie we both enjoyed. The beginning credits were really funny and if you’re familiar with a certain John Hughes movie, you really shouldn’t miss the after credits scene…so that’s a high recommendation of Deadpool.

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Deadpool review by Shubham Saini – Sensible Comedy…and of course a must watch

yeah yeah yeah…Its nothing like other superhero movies..where hero fights the villain and wins at last for sure either by sparing his enemy or saving a friend, its nothing like batman and green lantern. Its a movie complete in itself, first half of movie in the middle gets a little bit boring but as soon as intermission approaches, it gets bit more interesting and the second half is really very nice.

The best part of the movie came after the credits…if you are going to watch the film in theatre, wait for the Marvel teaser which comes after the credits, you will die laughing, seriously.

The dialogues in the movie are too awesome and you will really like it, but its not for the parents to take their children with them, of course it is an A rated movie with a loads of adult dialogues which seriously require lot of humor.

Its also a good movie if you are going with your valentine…of course a love story too. Brilliant acting by Ryan Reynolds. It is decent and at its best comparing to other Marvel movies. It is bringing freshness to a bit mundane superhero world and the best action scenes that I have seen so far in any movie of Marvel Universe. Finally, best Action comedy and it deserves an applause from the audience.


Deadpool review by Jared Moore – This movie was great!

I liked this movie a lot because I was expecting it to be funny and be filled with action but it did all of that and then some. I was surprised at how well made this movie is, there are just so many great things about it.

First off, the comedy is spectacular. The opening credits start off joking with you and it is amazing. After that you are constantly hit with jokes throughout the whole movie that make you laugh the whole time. Deadpool breaking the 4th wall in this movie was great as well. There were some lines in the movie that were pure genius and any fan of the other Marvel movies will enjoy them.

Second, I knew this movie would have action in it but after hearing that this movie was actually very funny I began to more interested in the comedy of the movie. I did not know that this would be a great action film too. Also, there was a very good love story in the film as well. I was not expecting this either but this is where the film shines. It is able to balance all of these aspects at the same time. Sometimes it even mixes these emotions together. You could have a serious love scene with a joke put into it or an action scene that is funny at first and then becomes very serious.

This movie is just great and I am glad that they made it rated R because it allowed for the character to not feel constrained and quiet. That being said, this is not a movie for children. No matter how much your kids want to see this movie, do not take them. Other than that, go see it, it was amazing and I know you want to.

Deadpool review by alindsay-al – A fantastic game changing comic book film

Deadpool has been a film I have been looking forward to for a few years now but I was always worried about its execution but fear not this film is fantastic. The premise of this film sees an ex secret service soldier with a wicked sense of humour transformed into deadpool a mercenary on the hunt for his creator. Ryan reynolds has been lobbying for this role for a few years and he has succeeded in his redemption. This is the perfect role for him because of how much he loves the character, he is the loudmouth outlandish character that you totally want out of deadpool but he also brings some humanity to the character. morenna baccarin plays the love interest vanessa and she was a really good character in the film her chemistry with reynolds was brilliant and it really helped me by their romance. Ed skrien plays the villain in this film and fair play to him because he does a good job even though his character is quite cliché he really worked for this film. Everybody else was great, collosus, negasonic teenage warhead, weasel and angel dust also really added allot to the film. The story of this film is very simple but it plays on the simplicity for humour and it works. Also the flashbacks documenting deadpools rise was great stuff. The script is one of the most unique ever written probably in film history. The humour is great with so many in jokes and some well placed drama. However, sometimes the jokes just don’t hit because they were in the trailer. The style of the film is brilliant the combination of humour and action really works and this film needed to be the rated R film that it ended up being. Overall this is a fantastic success of a film and I so want a sequel.


Deadpool review by Stoneybudzz – Deadpool, Movie of the year

Deadpool: Staring:Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. Wade Wilson is a former special forces operative who works as a mercenary in New York City. Heis diagnosed with terminal cancer and is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopting the alter ego Deadpool. Marvel Knocked it out of the park with this One, Deadpool is one of the best movies of the year , It has Action , Comedy , Drama it has it all, Reynolds Nails his role as Deadpool in the Head he has the attitude the look everything there was no flaw in his performance in this one , I give this movie 4 stars all across the board , this film will leave laughing your ass off while giving you quite a few oh crap moments as he kicks the life out of , well just about everyone , This is definitely NOT a movie for anyone under 16 unless you don’t mind them seeing non stop violence and countless swearing , but not only was this movie absolutely one of the best comic / Superhero movie but easily the movie of the year , so i recommend this to anyone looking for a fun watch even if your not into comic movies you will love this one..

Deadpool review by Wesam AL Hebshi – DeadPool, The funniest movie I’ve seen for a long time

DeadPool is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen for a long long time. Everything about this movie was made to make you laugh from the first minute to the ending credit.

I have read reviews claiming that there is no proper story in the movie, for those people I say who cares as long it makes you laugh because the main purpose of this movie is pure fun and some times this all what we need. Yes I am a big fan of Nolan’s Movies but also some times I need a movie like DeadPool for a relief and laugh.

So, Please guys don’t mix things together and try to understand and appreciate each movie genre.

Also I found some reviews saying that DeadPool annoying because he talks too much, The funny thing is in Wolverine: X-Men Origin, people complained that he not talking at all. In a matter of fact Deadpool fans knew that DeadPool has a big mouth and its part of his character the thing was done in the Movie right, and actually he has the biggest mouth ever and every line in his dialogue was really funny.

Deadpool review by IgorUrteaga – Ryan Reynolds did a good job with this movie!

Definitely one of the best superhero movies I’ve seen so far, both in comedy and action scenes, the only thing I do not quite convince me was the villain but come on, this film was intended for non-demanding public and most of all for Fox redeem the error in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Also can say that the jokes and references in the movie were fun, almost bust of laughter, however there are scenes that can become dull when viewing all the action but are necessary to understand the story behind Deadpool, his clear way. Also the scenes with the x-men and references to possible encounters with other x-men are great and give us a good sign for the future of Deadpool. Finally I say it’s a film to hang out and have fun not expecting much behind.


Deadpool review by Chris Allen – Offbeat but not subversive

Acknowledging the generic nature of your film is one thing, but it’s only a half-step towards avoiding being generic at all. For all its off-the-wall innovation, “Deadpool” is still a perfect fit for the Marvel movie mould: take a wise-cracking superhero with a helpless sexualised love interest, a 2-dimensional “British” villain, and an assortment of bizarre sidekicks, and sprinkle with explosions. Spelling this template out in the wacky opening credits is not defence enough against its conformism.

“Deadpool” attempts to subvert long-established Marvel standards through breaking the 4th wall – a technique which loses its potency in constantly occurring, seemingly more often than actual dialogue – and its absurd jokes. This at least is a success – irreverence piles up as sexual abuse victims, drug addicts and cancer sufferers are all thrown under the bus in the name of Offbeat Humour. Nonetheless, inevitable cringe-inducing superhero epigrams make appearances too. Pop-culture referencing is another tenet of Marvel films and this manifests itself abundantly, to the delight of Marvel aficionados in the audience. Superhero films have always cornered the market in special-FX budgets and cinematography, and “Deadpool” is no exception: the action sequences really are breathtaking, the violence fortuitous. The aberrant 15-rated certificate is made full use of with F-bombs and gory lacerations littered like bullet casings throughout.

Even though it punches above the level of previous Marvel features, “Deadpool” still suffers from the usual pitfalls of plot holes, predictable story arcs, poor emotional pacing, and stock characters. What redeems it is its superior sense of humour, irreverent tone, and subtle boundary-pushing in the form of 4th-wall-breaks and gratuitous violence.

Deadpool review by Hawkamania – Worth watching if your not one of those people who’re offended by everything.

As a long time Deadpool fan I had mixed emotions going in to this. Part of me felt Reynolds would come through as merc with a mouth, but then could this be as atrocious as their first attempt at bringing him to life? Now before we get into the movie let it be said, any parents who brought their kids to this movie and left offended, well your an idiot. This movie stays very true to the pool and had me laughing through out the movie. Whether he’s flipping Colossus the bird with a severed hand, or making Colossus puke during an inspiring speech it’s bang on! These are things he would do in the comic no doubt about it and nobody is safe from his ridicule…. Nobody. All kidding aside I truly enjoyed this movie. The supporting cast was great, other than Gina Carrano whom I feel was lackluster. The only real beef I had with the movie was that it could have used a better main villain, which I’m sure they will make right in the sequel. I’m not too worried about the lack of X-men because this isn’t their movie, this my friends is about the regenerating degenerate. I recommend this movie to anyone, even people who dislike hero movies. Great fun!


Deadpool review by Bowmanblue – The greatest movie apology ever

Deadpool, if you casually dip in and out of the comic genre, is a superhero. You may have heard the name somewhere on screen before, but probably forgotten. However, if you know your comics then you probably salivated at the prospect of seeing the ‘merc with a mouth’ going toe to toe with Wolverine in the X-man’s ‘origins’ movie. Then you watched it and uttered words that no self-respecting spell checker should let me type.

Basically, the makers of Wolverine: Origins completely messed up (putting it mildly) and the fans were not amused. Yes, Ryan Reynolds was actually a pretty good choice for the gobby anti-hero, but then they pretty much cellotaped his mouth shut and completely reinvented his character in the worst way possible. It actually makes a nice change to see a studio admit they totally got it wrong and do something about it (even if the decision is largely governed by money!).

And that could have been that. However, luckily Mr Reynolds himself campaigned to bring a truer representation of the source material to the big screen. And, amazingly, it happened. And I’m so glad it did.

Deadpool, is a superhero movie. You probably guessed that – you have the man in a mask who you pretty much know is going to go out there and beat the baddies and save the girl, yadder, yadder, yadder… However, what Deadpool also is, is a comedy. That being said – it’s NOT a spoof. It’s a tongue-in-cheek little number which has better action scenes than most action films and better comedy than most comedy films.

I’m almost tempted to say that it’s a film that anyone can enjoy. I can certainly see both men and women having a good time watching it. However, it definitely is a film for MEN and WOMEN. Whereas Marvel’s current cinematic universe is kind of geared at kids (and us kids who never grew up) there is plenty in Deadpool that no parent will want to explain to their little darling. Again, don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s all toilet humour – let’s just call it ‘adult’ humour and leave it at that.

Basically, Deadpool is great. Ryan Reynolds is mouthy, but never annoying and totally owns the role (as it should be when he plays the titular character). The supporting cast all do their bit, but it’s Deadpool himself all the way. Please let this be the start of a franchise. It’s probably a little too much to expect to see him crossing studio picket lines and ending up in the Marvel universe where he – truly – belongs, but we can always hope. If nothing else, I’m well up for a ‘Deadpool 2’ outing.


Deadpool review by Jass2001 – A different super-hero movie, but in a good way

The movie is funny, violent, and above all, good. The value of entertainment here is very high. Deadpool has a simple story, but well executed and well explained, it leaves no doubt to the viewer. Ryan Reynolds is really fine, he passes the whole essence of the comic character to the film. The flashbacks are funny scenes, but they break a bit of the movie rhythm, break the excitement of the previous scene when you were seeing Wade Wilson as Deadpool (mentioning that Gina Carano is a bad actress, she has no charisma at all and in all of her scenes, she has a ” little smile ” on the face , breaking the climate of acting). Another downside is that, because of this simple story, the film seems vague, as if it needed something else to fill like more action scenes or character’s delusions. After all, Deadpool is full of iconic scenes and good actors (especially the Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin, who is great), it has great special effects and CGI, and an excellent edition. Great film with explicit violence and bad taste jokes. A good Tim Miller work which I will probably watch again.

Deadpool review by TheEtherWalk – A modern action-comedy classic

This is the movie I’ve been waiting for for years. I have never picked up a Deadpool comic but I know the character, and I feel like he is just so relateable for me. He’s super minus the hero. He’s the everyman, a mutant free of the restrictions of morality, politeness, and other such pretentiousness. Wade Wilson starts off as a cocky type, and after becoming virtually unkillable, he becomes the cockiest, most asshole-ish let’s annoy the hell out of everybody before killing them mercenary ever. He is juxtaposed perfectly in this film by Colossus, played here as a hilarious goody two-shoes, endlessly annoyed and disgusted by Deadpool’s ways, and the charmingly deadpan and sarcastic Negasonic Teenage Warhead. And he faces off against a 200 pound sack of assholes called Ajax who is virtually unkillable as well. It’s pretty typical sounding, but the execution is where this movie really hits home. Click Deadpool 2 full movie watch online now.

Deadpool for days. God does this movie rule. Let’s get down to brass tacks. The plot consists of his backstory and his mission of revenge against the people who turned him into a mutant. A former special forces soldier turned mercenary, he finds true love with a beautiful barfly named Vanessa. But soon their life together turns dark when he is diagnosed with cancer. Out of options, he turns to a shadowy organization with promises of not only health, but something beyond being human. It’s here that things turn horrific, but it’s only to further the plot really. The real draw of this movie is the comedy and hilariously raunchy one-liners from our hero. And his whole persona in general is so goofy and off the wall that he’s impossible not to like. Ryan Reynolds owns this role inside and outside of the suit, almost every joke in this movie hits, only maybe one or two fall flat but this is a minor quibble.


The odd thing is, with the offbeat type of humor that it has, this almost feels like a cult classic because of it’s quotability, not unlike Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. But this is the rare type of cult film that has actually scored HUGE at the box office as well. Maybe some people were expecting another typical Marvel movie, and boy were they wrong. This is something very different and definitely not for everyone. Personally I think this is one of the funniest films EVER MADE though. Zamboni guy? It’s me Margaret? That Liam Neeson nightmare again? This screenplay is AMAZING. Maybe even Oscar worthy. The script is also full of heart and has the ability to SURPRISE. With so many comic book movies these days you know pretty much what you’re getting before you enter the theatre, not so with Deadpool. It’s absolutely unique in it’s offbeat tone and the story is also very compelling, despite some characters being a little one-dimensional, but I think the director made good choices of which characters to humanize to fit the tone of the film. Tim Miller keeps things energized from start to finish, the comic momentum almost never quits and the action scenes are brilliantly shot and edited in this very kinetic and visceral style. The musical score also hits some really funny notes, with some nicely placed hits by DMX, Wham and Neil Sedaka amongst others.

How much do I love this movie?? I’ve already seen it twice and I’m seeing it again later this week. Never before has there been such a perfect blend of raunchy comedy, romance, action, comic booky goodness and endless self-referentialism. This movie doesn’t care what the masses think. It exists to give a severed-hand middle finger to the glut of overly serious, often mediocre comic book movies from recent years. It even makes fun of it’s own budget cuts by Fox studios and makes endless jokes about that terrible first Wolverine movie and Hugh Jackman, who was in fact a big part of getting this movie made. This movie is so much fun. See it. See it right now. Or you’ll be on Deadpool’s naughty list.

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