Watch dodgeball online free – A True Underdog Story online free Putlockers

Watch dodgeball online free
Watch dodgeball online free – A True Underdog Story online free Putlockers
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Watch dodgeball online free – A True Underdog Story online free Putlockers

Introduction to film DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story Putlockers

When megalomaniacal White Goodman, the owner of a trendy, high-end fitness center, makes a move to take over the struggling local gym run by happy-go-lucky Pete La Fleur, there’s only one way for La Fleur to fight back: dodgeball. Aided by a dodgeball guru and Goodman’s attorney, La Fleur and his rag-tag team of underdogs launch a knock-down, drag-out battle in which the winner takes all. – Watch dodgeball online free

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Genre: Comedy
Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Actors: Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Jason Bateman, Justin Long, Rip Torn, Stephen Root, Vince Vaughn
Country: Germany, USA
Duration: 92 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2004
IMDb: 6.7

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Reviews DodgeBall Putlockers – Watch dodgeball online free

Reviews DodgeBall Putlockers by Coventry | Go Team Slapstick!

Once every few years, you’re presented to a slapstick comedy so hilarious you instantly forget how LOW this form of entertainment actually is. I can’t give a scientific explanation to state how come it’s funny to see someone (preferably wearing glasses) getting hit in the face by a ball…it just is. Dodgeball is vulgar, crude and without substance…but your stomach will hurt from laughing and don’t we all need that from time to time?

Watch dodgeball online free

In case you really want to defend this film, you can always say it features tons of unsubtle criticism towards modern American image of exaggerated health-obsession. Ben Stiller’s character is the personification of the obnoxious fitness guru: ‘We’re better than you, and we know it’. Opposed to him, there’s Vince Vaughn as the chilled-minded, lovable guy who owns a fitness center for the underdeveloped wimps. Due to his financial situation, he risks losing his gym to Stiller except if he and his teams of misfits manage to win the world-famous dodgeball tournament.

The film is a series of cheap chuckles, eccentric characters and outrageous one-liners. It’s pretty funny to hear Stiller yell out lines like: ‘You’re a skid mark on the underpants of society’. Or the always-amusing Rip Torn encouraging his team with the words: ‘you’re as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop’. The acting is great as it can be with Ben Stiller and Rip Torn who go delightfully over the top and lots of enthusiast cameos (Chuck Norris, David Hasselhof, William Shatner and even Lance Armstrong). It sure isn’t Schindler’s List but Dodgball is great entertainment and stress releasing.

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Review watch dodgeball online by calicogirl1 | Have a Ball!

19 September 2006 – watch dodgeball online
If you want a night of laughs of course you can count on Ben Stiller and Vince Vauhgn to give them to you! And they really do in this movie! This movie is excellent! This is my all-time favorite movie now! It’s about this man named Peter La Fleur and he owns this gym called Average Joes Gym. Then, their’s White Goodman. He’s the owner of Globo-Gym. He wants to buy Average Joes Gym and make it part of Globo-Gym. Well, Peter and his band of misfits are not going to give up without a fight. So, they decide to play dodgeball! watch dodgeball for free online.

This movie is extremely funny and has a very good story line! With stars like Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Justin Long this movie will blow you away with laughs!

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Review watch dodgeball online by juliolopez | Damn good comedy

7 December 2004 – watch dodgeball online
this film had all the right stuff for a good comedy. it had its one liners, its physical comedy, its high comedy jokes, its good low comedy jokes, and everything else in between. not to mentioned a very fast paced comedy plot that made it all the better. i don’t see how anyone could not like this movie. the cameos were good as well. the casting was also well done seeing as everyone was either over the top funny, or as human as they can get. i think everyone can grasp the comedy from this film. My little brothers did! i would definitely recommend this film to anyone who loves high comedy as much as i do. go ahead, watch this film, you’ll laugh harder than you’ve ever had. watch dodgeball for free online.

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Review watch dodgeball online by Lauralovesweezer | Hilarious 🙂

28 June 2004 – watch dodgeball online
Great actors, great story, hilarious jokes. I think Ben Stiller created a funny antagonist that really makes people pay attention to him. There are some great lines lines that you’ll hear in the movie and end up using the next day to grab a laugh. “Touche” At the end of the movie I was thinking “Hey, I think it would be kind of fun if I could play on a dodge ball team and win a tournament. If you’re having a bad day, this movie will REALLY cheer you up! It’s worth the time and money. And if you’re a skeptical cheap ass – go watch it @ one of those $2/3 dollar theaters in a couple of weeks. If you didn’t like this movie, you need some Botox to let people know you’re not a stick in the mud. :)’\ watch dodgeball for free online.

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Review watch dodgeball online by hrivnak | Oh my God, this movie is funny!

25 June 2004 – watch dodgeball online
I haven’t laughed this hard at a movie in years. watch dodgeball for free online .That’s all I can really say about this movie. It’s stupid, sure, but it’s so hilarious, you don’t care.

I could not stop laughing. There are so many jokes in this movie, you don’t even have a chance to rest before the next one comes along.

Ben Stiller as the “evil” White Goodman — it’s a classic character that should go down in the annals of comedy greatness. The announcers for ESPN 8 “The Ocho” (Gary Cole and Jason Bateman) had me rolling in the aisles. Stephen Root is a comic genius as well, and Alan Tudyk as the random pirate (why? who cares!) was pure gold.

Oh, and make sure you stay till the end of the credits… Ben Stiller does a routine that’s absolutely hysterical. watch dodgeball for free online

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Review watch dodgeball online by alex-c-3 | Vince+Ben= Must be great again!!!

13 February 2007 – watch dodgeball online
Dodgeball is one of the greatest comedies in a last couple of years. Hilarious,bad taste comedy with such good actors and unbelievable sport theme. The group of Average Joe’s represents couldn’t be more idiotic and funny.Globo Gym is story for itself. Vince Vaughn should get much more roles from now on.Ben Stiller has proved himself again,and there are other new young stars rising, like Justin Long. Christine Taylor was solid too. The cream on the cake is Lance Armstrong. I would recommend everyone who love comedy in it’s basic form,to watch this film.It is going to be 90 minutes that you’ll not be sorry wasting. Oh, I almost forgot, Jason Bateman has cameo as well as Chuck Norris.

Review watch dodgeball online by lapidary | This is a funny film – so forget pretentious comments

19 October 2004 – watch dodgeball online
This film is not intended to be a great work of art and no one will win an Oscar for it because it is just a film packed full of laughs that leaves you smiling afterwards – that is, with the exception of the few posters here bereft of any sense of humour. watch dodgeball for free online

I am not a great Ben Stiller fan – generally, I find him rather unfunny but he scores highly in this film and Vince Vaughn also deserves recognition among others for fine comedic timing.

The guest appearances also add to the general fun and the wheelchair-bound coach, played by Rip Torn is just a hoot.

This is definitely one to hire from your local rental shop – me, I’m going to buy the DVD!

Review watch dodgeball online by kiwi_sunshyne | Laugh out loud funny!

17 June 2004 – watch dodgeball online
I admit, when I saw the previews, I thought, “How can you do a whole movie about dodgeball?” This movie is hilarious! As soon as it is available on DVD, I will buy it!!

Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller had me laughing from beginning to end.

The entire movie audience was laughing non-stop. I saw it the first time with preview passes. When it actually opens around here, I will be first in line. My only gripe is that Hank Azaria’s part is so small. I love his acting and had hoped to see him more in the movie. I can honestly say that now, I am ready to play dodgeball again!

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