Fifty Shades Freed burning all sexual desires – Watch Fifty Shades Freed free online

Fifty Shades Freed burning all sexual desires – Watch Fifty Shades Freed free online
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Watch Fifty Shades Freed free online is just like the previous installment, some changes which are so minor like anna and grey go married, anna got pregnant, I don’t know why they stretched the movie, oh its torture not to be called a movie, because movie have story, there just added more various sex scenes i different position and times, that’s new thing in the whole movie, anna looks beautiful otherwise she have nothing to do, cheesy dialogue delivery from her body language, and then talk about grey, he also not good in sex scenes, he have some muture dialogue other wise he looks sex obsessed man like previous installments, his decent sex obsessed man personality not suits him, and also have an robotic expressions on whole movie, so there is no good performance, not a good story here! don’t watch it, if you are looking for a porn film so also don’t watch it, because of old sex scenes like previous fifty shades movies but have some different styles, you know what I mean.


Fifty Shades Freed review – Watch Fifty Shades Freed free online

Fifty Shades Freed review by Veronica Jefferson – It’s more than the obvious…

If you didn’t read the books, you shouldn’t get to rate the movie. The books are important, and all three films feel like a transition from a growth perspective – from middle school to high school to college hypothetically speaking. In the first film, Ana was this fragile, inexperienced girl who wasn’t sure how or where she fits in. The second film you see that Ana has become more of a woman and in this final installment, it really shows how she’s grown – bolder, emotionally stronger, rebellious but grounded. She stands up to Christian’s dominant ways regardless of what he thinks or does, and as a result you see a more open, more playful and far more vulnerable side of Christian that nobody ever thought even exists.

The films are more than the obvious BDSM lifestyle, the sex is just an element to a side of Christian, but it’s the underlying story that matters. His childhood and upbringing, and how challenging he is. Surprisingly, Freed plays out very smoothly, making the film enjoyable for what it was/is. My only disappointment is how consolidated the film is in regardless to cutting out so much from the book, but in the world of movie making, this is expected. For those who actually understand my review, you will understand my explanation. The movie is 1:45 minutes and plays out pretty fast hence my disappointment with the consolidation aspect of it. But it was enjoyable, heartfelt, flirty, humorous, and a little emotional.

Fifty Shades Freed review by Lacchatham – Another botched attempt at a sexy movie

Let me start by saying I love the books, can’t stand these movies. This final one was slightly more watchable then it’s predecessors, but only slightly. I found the plot more engaging, at least this one has some suspense.

The acting is horrible. While Dakota’s acting was semi tolerable as Ana, Dornan as Grey literally was so laughable and unbelievably lacking I could barely stand to watch it. He was so 100% wrong in the role of Grey, it was painful to watch his attempts. I don’t think he’s a horrible actor but this role was just not suited for him. His entire persona missed the mark, which ruined the entire series. Absolute worst choice ever for the role of Grey.

The scenery is lush and nice to look at, which helped make the movie more enjoyable.

Music was hit and miss, mostly missing the mark entirely. I think in 1 or 2 places, it was perfectly suited, while in all the others it completely ruined the mood and tone of the scene.

Sex scenes? I was struggling not to laugh out loud at them. Dornan and Dakota have zero chemistry and their awkwardness seeps into every scene and just annihilates any tiny possibility of sex appeal. Also incredibly stupid is that these are films geared toward women, and still in every film we see mostly Dakota naked and practically nothing of Dornan. I don’t want to see Dakota’s nipples over and over, I want to see more of Dornan. Duh. Obviously a man was in charge of this film.

The entire movie felt unbelievably cheesy. I couldn’t help but laugh at parts of it, the cheese factor was so high. Dornan is not intimidating at all, Dakota is not convincing as a strong female character either. They are both so watered down that it becomes a nauseating lukewarm concoction of blech.

Loved the books. Laughed through every one of these movies.

I desperately hope that in 10 years or so they will remake this trilogy and do it RIGHT this time. Casting is everything. Find a Grey that fits the part. End of story.

Fifty Shades Freed review by Danny Blankenship – The end of the series goes out with a sexy bang!

Saw the final “Fifty Shades” movie and it was one of the better ones with plenty of scenes with sexy erotic moments that helped spice up the film just fine. It’s like this final chapter is a closure of a love journey. Anastasia(Dakota Johnson)and Christian(Jamie Dornan)have finally gotten married only to have drama and the threat and presence of Jack(Eric Johnson) waiting for them.

True the film is spiced up with a little action and drama as a damsel in distress is seen with a woman being tied up and gagged still the erotic scenes and nudity and love making steal the show and spice the film up enough just to make it watchable.

Overall this series ends with a sexy bang!

Fifty Shades Freed review by rockman182

I was probably one of the only people on the planet who gave Fifty Shades Darker a very positive review. Its smut, just like all the films in the franchise but it was stupidly entertaining and I quite liked it. The films are nonsensical in plot but I felt that film had a bit of direction and better chemistry than the first film. Naturally, I decided to check out the final in the trilogy. Boy oh boy, is this bad. Its terrible. Easily the worst film in the series on all fronts.

Anastasia Steele is now Anastasia Grey, as she and Christian tie the knot. Everything seems peachy at first- romantic vacations, passionate sequences, lots of sex. Then, there;s a stalker. Someone from Ana’s past is trying to harm her and she an Christian need to boost of security and be careful of this new danger. Ana also starts questioning Christians loyalty. Thin, thin plot of course. I don’t mind that so much if what I’m watching can be redeemed in another way. Not happening with this entry, its bad all around.

The dialogues are so freaking bad, it has to be up there with some of the worst in film. I completely forgot the line but there was one where Ana was mad at Christian after she came out of the shower and then she starts putting her underwear on and says the most cringe thing ever. Really wish i could remember it. Somehow, the awkward sex scenes are awkwarder and you know what way stale. The film series has run out of gas in that department as these love scenes could have easily been outtakes from the first two films. The plot is nonsensical and nothing happens till the last twenty minutes. Its not even a fun time now just boringly dumb. Its too PG to make a statement in the BDSM community.

I don’t know about Dornan, but I quite like Dakota Johnson and the silver lining hopefully is seeing Dakota Johnson in more work in the future. And now, probably the worst trilogy of all time has finally come to a close. Freed felt like such an unnecessary effort which makes me wonder how uneventful the books must be. Yes, there are moments here and there but nothing that’s going to leave a lasting legacy. Better now that its gone.

Fifty Shades Freed review by mahabouraoud-09421 – Great books but…

I absolutely loved the novels, they offered the reading romance, humor, adventure, intense drama, and so much more but when it comes to the movies I have no qualms over the directing, that was not what makes these movies so poorly done. My main complaint is whoever did the casting. Dakota Johnson is as bad an actress as her mother, if not worse. I like Jamie Dornan but not as Christian Grey. Christian Grey is supposed to be so handsome when he walks into a room all heads turn. Christian Grey is supposed to be fierce and when angered makes you quake in your shoes. The scenes where he is supposed to show anger and being feared instilled not fear in me at all and if I was Ana, I would have laughed not quivered in fear. Yes, poor casting is what doomed this franchise, in my opinion.

Fifty Shades Freed review by Rgkarim – Freed At Last, Freed At Last

The international best seller that changed the world is a topic of much debate. Tasteless porn vs. incredible love story, this series has two extreme groups fighting for superiority on what is the truth to the Grey series. However, since many people don’t read these days, Hollywood has brought a visual representation to us to help stem the tide and get more people discussing the content of E.L James work. And so, yours truly, alongside some very kind friends, heads into the trenches to give you another review on what is what in the movies. Let’s get going!


The Romance: The romance, as the fans will call it, has finally improved to the levels many wanted it to be from the start. Fifty Shades Freed finally has our actor’s chemistry mixing well to portray a more realistic love story than what I’ve seen. Rather than bland, uninterested looks, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan finally have some heat into their acting actually seeming to love each other than just tolerate. The drama that fans want is packed into their on-screen time, a nice balance of overdramatic anger, passion, and desire in their little game of domination cat and mouse. While still unbelievable at times, the magic finally raised to a new level for the final installment.

The Jokes: Such a dark delicacy as this requires some more adult humor, and Fifty Shades Freed’s writing is able to bring this humor to full blast. Clever alliterations, metaphors, and puns are well integrated into the goopy, lovey dovy, romantic bologna this movie is famous for. These comedic devices are well-timed and well-delivered to maximize the punch that comes with it and had my friends and I chuckling. Had there been a few more of these moments, the movie’s writing might have gotten even more points for creativeness and magic.

Semi-Tasteful: Despite the sultry atmosphere contained in these films, the censorship is still decent enough to add some class to the movie. Rather than diving into the pornographic details that some of the fan-base loves, the movie keeps the camera work on the upper areas, straying away from the lower anatomy. Even the love making scenes have been tempered a bit to not dive into XXX levels, but it barely skims by this. Still, the small bit of class gets my nod of respect.

The Ending: My friends and I agreed that the nice little nod to the series as the end was a good way to cap of the series. Simplistic and predictable yes, but for those super fans, it is the emotional finesse you may have come to expect in the series. And for the beginning credit, and only clip, it’s the ending that had many in my showing ahhing in delight.

The Music: My final nod is at the director of music, who once again picks a slamming song track to represent the emotion of the scene. A combination of genres, the selections are worthy of another soundtrack worth purchasing, assuming you are into those kinds of things.


The Sex: Let’s get this out of the way. No surprise, I’m not the biggest fan of watching two actors make strong, awkward, and often strange sex fantasies come to life. And Fifty Shades Freed was more than happy to throw a lot of these vivid images at me. While a bit classy, these scenes didn’t fit into the story as much for me, nor did I really appreciate how fast and rapid they were crammed in. The positive side is that these montages are at most 3.5 minutes long, but I’ll never look at ice cream the same way again…. Ewwwww.

Secondary Characters: I don’t remember the books quite well, but I’m fairly certain the secondary cast goes farther than their cinematic doppelgangers. Yes, I know the story is mainly about the star-cross lusters, I mean lovers, but this supporting group of families and friends should be you know… more supportive. So why were much of the supporting band reduced to mere minutes of screen time with little to add to this tale? A few clips of beautiful people, a tempting dramatic flair that goes nowhere, a shallow proposal that is cute but lacking, and some shotty presentation of key story elements are all they contribute. After such integration in the first film, I had hoped for these components to strengthen as well, but they failed on this aspect for me outside of the fact that so many of them were pretty to look at.

Boring Tension: Let’s face it, the story is not the best part of these series, but I had hoped that the antagonist would have had more bite to his coiffed hair. Fifty Shares Freed did little to amplify the deadliness of Hyde, outside of making him look and sound even more insane. The promise of a man with more brains and strategy was lost to low grade soap opera antics that just served as an example of poor planning. I’ve seen better villains in a cheesy soap opera, and this anticlimactic climax was so disappointing to see fail. While many may not be looking for super excitement, this reviewer would have liked to see more bite than bark. Oh well, at least more room for love, right?

The Verdict:

Overall, Fifty Shade Freed has improved in regards to the romance that this series has tried to sell. The heated passion between the main characters took some major steps towards progress in this series, alongside the jokes, the soundtrack, and the nicely packaged ending. However, the story itself is laughable, with all these plot points and known character diluted into less concentrated beings that are only there for a quick head nod out of the series. Fifty Shades Freed is a glorified soap opera on the big screen, and therefore not worth the price of admission in my opinion, no matter how passionate, emotional, and hot it may seem. Save this one for the privacy of your own home and your imagination.

Fifty Shades Freed review by serendipity-65484 – Can’t Complain….

Honestly, at first I was kind of disappointed because they change a lot of things in the movie. But if you read the books, the movie is literal based on the movies, you will know whats happening and why is happening, I won’t say is the best movie ever because is not, but one thing for sure they focus on the most important parts. I’m not a fan, they include BDSM like in the book. I don’t think people should expect more, because at the end is fantasy is the dirty amusing fantasy that we girls picture when we read a sexy book. I don’t recommend the people to watch it if you are not into fantasy or haven’t read the books because trust me you will be lost and have sooo many questions. I went with a friend of mine never read the books but saw the first 2 movies and now saw the 3 and he was lost had a lot of questions, and I can tell he didn’t enjoy as much as I did, most of the time he was confused and focus on getting beer than watching the movie.

The movie is not as bad as people describe it. ** Piece of Advice read the BOOK, if you don’t want to read the book,you better have a good imaginative mind and know how to put the pieces together (really focus) to be able to enjoy the movie.

Fifty Shades Freed review by Soltrogge – I am a true fan, the rest are haters!

I love this series on paper & film and that was years after my daughter in her late teens read it against my HUGE disapproval!! I bought it into all the hype about how it was about an abusive relationship and true BDSM etc. But after finally reading the first book myself, I fell in love with the series as a wonderful (obsessive) love story full of excitement and exportation of love and relationships. At this point in my life I was l evolving out of my traditional, Church based beliefs in so many ways. I am still a Christian but just a much different one. What I love about this series is the love story and passion this couple had and how both learn to adapt to be with each other as that is the most important thing for both of them (and in any relationship). For those who think it is all about sex, you are missing the true mark of this story. NOW, about this movie!!! My daughter and I both agreed this was our favorite of the three because it did a really GREAT job of taking the best of the book and making it into a 2 hour movie. It took the best parts of the book and accelerated it into a very good movie that stay true to the book. I absolutely loved it!! Every 10 mins, it encompassed a part of the story from the book in a respectful way and I never felt like something was missing!! It was my favorite of the three movies!! True Christian and Ana fans will really love it!

Fifty Shades Freed review by adrian_oteo – Better than the last two

Like title says i belive this one is better than the last two movies.

This movie, like the other two, is not and will not be enjoyed by everyone! It was written with a narrow audience target in mind, and i belive the young female part of the viewers will give this one high ratings.

Going past the cringe moments, the cliches, and the “WTF how does this remotely resemble reality, even for rich people?” i loved how the writing seemed to grow with the audience, targeting the same persons that were of a lower age when they saw and enjoyed the first movie and then are severals years older and more mature now. I suspect that the girl in 2015 and the young woman in 2018 enjoyed all three movies just about the same. Over the series It sort of went from the crazy of teen years to the more serious of the young adult.

The actors are enjoyable, they give weight to their characters and i belive that just like you cant think of Legolas (for example) without thinking Orlando Bloom, you wont be able to read the novels or see the movies and imagine other actors in their places.

The ending was good and it make me leave the cinema with a feeling of satisfaction and a smile.

Fifty Shades Freed review by Andrbdeea – From a MOTU fan – after all these years finally a full circle! My life is complete

Been a fan of the books since the author wrote it as a fanfiction. It was extremely hard to contain my joy every time she updated. I cried, I laughed, I cringed, I ended up frustrated but always going back for more. This is not a movie for people that don’t want to add some spice in their lives. This is more a review for those that are into erotica reading. My cinema decided to have a pre-screening last night so of course I wanted to see the last part of something that for me was a solace in moments of solitude. Long story short, for those that are fans of the book YOU will enjoy it like hell. You will fall in love again with the characters, you will leave the cinema with a smile on your face and your heart at peace. For those that feel this is embarrassing to watch in a room full of people order a copy at home. You will enjoy it! You will be annoyed probably but in the end you’ll understand a little bit why so many people are into this. It’s not about the kinky stuff, it’s more about how some tortured souls found their happily ever after by giving love a change. P.S. The soundtrack was ok but not one song stood out to me like in the previous 2. But yeah, it worked with the scenes I guess.

Fifty Shades Freed review by The Fresh Prince – Oh give me a break internet users, it’s not that bad at all!

Come on – how can a well-shot, well-played film with some great soundtrack be that bad? I don’t buy it! I saw the whole franchise but never read the books, personally I think it’s a fun cool movie to watch, and there is nothing wrong with taking a break from super-heroes and SW. The world is begging for something different and when it comes – it should have your blessing. Dakota is charming as always and so does Dornan. Nothing is over-dramatic in the acting as I was told by someone who didn’t even see the film (Can’t get lower than that). So say as much as you want, but not everyday you see an erotic franchise makes hundreds of milions in the box office. A+ on my scale. Go watch it and don’t let the hype trick you because IT IS a great film. There’s more to life than spiderman 3….

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