Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 365movies – Watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale full movies online free

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 365movies – Watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale full movies online free
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Watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 365movies full movie online free you will feel that this is not a perfect movie but a perfect love movie. When love is simply next to each other, love and be loved as all the characters that the film builds. Simply so that Hachi does not need to speak, to know the words, one can feel his heart.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is based on the story of the life of an Akita-like dog named Hachi and Hachi’s loyalty to his master, Hidesaburo Ueno. His story has been viewed by the Japanese as a symbol of love. Hachi’s story is not only famous in Japan but also in the world, so many years after his death, American filmmakers decided to write Hachi’s story as a form of remembrance. “Sometimes love does not just come from human beings, nor does it need any words to feel that we are loved just by our heart.”

Release date: June 13, 2009 in the US

Duration: 1h33 ‘

Category: Drama, Family

IMDb: 8.1 (196.755)

Directed by: Lasse Hallstrom

Actors: Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Jason Alexander, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sarah Roemer

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Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 365movies – Watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale full movies online free

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by Davor Blazevic – Unprecedented loyalty in a story of age-old friendship

Knowing the real-life story behind it, Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (2009) has been made in a sort of staged documentary style, similar to the kind of movies often seen on documentary channels (e.g. NatGeo), however without a narrator so common in documentaries, and including well-known actors (Richard Gere, Sarah Roemer and Joan Allen), making it more suitable for theatrical distribution.

Before my last year’s visit to Tokyo I’ve been unaware of the true-life story this movie is based upon. In time an occasion came up to meet a friend in Shibuya city, contemporary center of Tokyo’s youth culture (shopping, fashion, nightlife…), and that’s how I’ve learned about the popular local meeting point for all Tokyoites, the Hachikō Akita dog statue just outside of Shibuya Train Station, but the real story behind it has been still eluding me ever since. After seeing this movie, and some additional research on the web, all pieces have fallen into place.

In retelling the story of common bonding between the dog and its owner, so usual that it comes so natural, film is moving at slow pace, following events of an ordinary life, though not without occasional comedic and dramatic overtones. Even past the dramatic highpoint, when common acts of affection and loyalty evolve towards such an unheard-of faithfulness and ultimate devotion, pace of the storytelling does not change, relying primarily on fine details and emotional build-up. Of course, this might not attract everybody, providing that majority of movie audience today is highly dependent on fast paced, action packed scenes, getting thrills from 3D CG stylized ambiance and suspense, high volume amplitudes and aggressive, often rude highlights of any other nature. However, for those who can do without it, and keep alive their interest even in a simple story, who won’t shy away from emotional involvement (as if this can be controlled), they shall easily find themselves consumed by its mere beauty and warmth. Usual man’s-best-friend story, spiced with an intriguing yet inspiring detail, shall leave you a bit sad, inevitably pensive, but ultimately delighted. Even more so after the reading of the real-life epilogue.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by surfer-lancealot – Extremely Emotional

Well what can i say. I’m a guy i don’t cry about movies i know its fake but i gotta say this one caught me by surprise even tho id watched the trailer and read a few reviews already. by the end of the movie i was in tears absolutely broken down crying my eyes out. and saying that i probably haven’t shed a tear in about 8 years for anything but i love dogs and this is the most amazing story I’ve ever seen this is probably the best movie I’ve seen in about 10 years and i have seen almost everything.

as u can prob tell i would advise everyone to see this and stop and think for a moment if we all cared for each other like we know we should like this movie teaches us wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by maria_c54 – So Touching and Real!

I just saw this movie today, and I’m so glad I did.

It is based on a true story and it’s only natural that the movie is great because the real story itself is very touching. One of the things that sets this movie apart from the other movies that involve animals is how they stuck to reality instead of throwing in some a-little-hard-to-believe elements here and there just to make it more entertaining.

Sometimes they show things through Hachi’s eyes as opposed to human eyes, which helps you relate to him and understand how he felt and what he thought then, as well as emphasizes that Hachi is the main character of the movie.

This is not just a kids’ movie. In the end everyone including myself was crying because we were so moved. It is a must-see.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by pchk-629-36011 – Not sad, but eyes red

Finally a film from the USA (albeit based on a true story in the 1920s Japan) that is without guns, explosions and free of violence and not based at all on romantic elements!

“Love and Loyalty” succinctly sums up the film. The love so simple, so pure and the loyalty so unfailing, so steadfast that it would melt any steel heart. I was so embarrassed that as soon as the film came to the end I dashed straight into the loo only to see my eyes sore red (!!)

The main characters never “take flight” but that matters not at all. It’s the simple story of the love between a man and his best friend that more than sufficiently works all the wonders. Not a sad one, but profoundly touching, So touching that even a tough guy like me couldn’t possibly hold his tears.

Hachiko, the Akita dog, has set the Yardstick of loyalty under which all loyalty among us human beings are to be measured. Loyalty that is truly monumental. Loyalty that is to be surpassed only by God Himself.

A must-watch film, especially for all dog lovers. Highly recommended for all families and people of all ages.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by Ankur Upadhyay – You cannot get it any better than this

Its really hard to articulate when you have so much to write and so little words to express. And even lesser words which could actually help you convey what you want to say. The closest word which comes to my mind in this case is ‘stupendous’.

Hachiko is a true story about a dog in Japan and the special bond he shared with a professor whom he met when it was a little puppy. The story has been put forward exceptionally well by the cast and the director.

The movie has been kept extremely simple with minimum effort on the scenes, yet remarkably you are kept spellbound after a couple of minutes into the movie. And as the other reviews suggest, making the whole theater grab onto their tissues explains how good it really is.

Lastly, coming for someone who also rates ‘Eight below’ as one of his favorite’s, a high rating of Hachiko would seem a little biased to many. But in my honest opinion I don’t think that anybody who has watched this movie can rate it below 10.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by Sat – Will not leave you the same

I think at the end of the day, what matters in a movie is how different it leaves you after you’ve watched it. It could be technically brilliant and leave you in amazement about how a narrative can be structured, leave you thinking about an issue from a totally unique perspective or just leave you thinking.

But if you believe that the impact a movie has on you is important – you cannot afford to miss this movie. I’ve never written a review in the past 7-8 years of using IMDb but signed up just so I could say how much I loved this movie.

I read a couple of reviews talk about crying during the movie and thought it odd. I can’t remember the last time I cried during a movie – but towards the last 15 minutes of the movie I didn’t only cry – I cried from the depth of my heart, not out of sadness but from a much deeper sense of realization the power of true love and how it can manifest itself. You hear so many times that there is ‘God’ in all of us if we can realize it – at the end of this movie you will know why it’s true.

It’s a must watch movie.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by Whatever – Well-written and filmed, really touching.

I first knew about “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” because of Sarah Roemer, my favorite actress. When I read more about this movie and found out that Richard Gere and Joan Allen were in the cast too, I was really excited.

I saw the movie on 29 Setember at “Festival do Rio de Janeiro” and I loved it! It’s really powerful and touching. I loved how they showed the dog’s vision in black & white.

The only thing that I didn’t like at all was that the characters seems to “never take flight”. I know Parker (Richard Gere) and the dog Hachiko are the main characters, but I think that the other characters could have been explored a bit more. But I do understand why it wasn’t done.

If you are a dog person, you will definitely love this movie! It’s a sad, beautiful story that touches everyone’s heart! A must-see.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by John Doe – This movie is pure heart and soul

This is my first ever review. I have been a reader of user reviews on IMDb for a few years and this is the first time I felt I had to write something about a film. I will try and not spoil the film for you. The film is based on a real story which took place in Japan from 1923-1935 about a dog named Hachiko who used to wait for his master’s return at the train station everyday for 9 years even after his master passed away. That’s the basic plot, the rest you just have to see to actually feel the story.

Just finished watching this movie yesterday and still can’t get it out of my head. A feeling of sadness has engulfed me after watching this. I am at a loss for words to describe this movie as no other movie has ever touched me so deeply. I was pretty much crying and sobbing the entire second half of the film and by the time it was over, it brought me down to my knees.

Richard Gere was at his usual best but the real highlight of the film was the acting of the dogs. They were incredible in how they were able to portray the range of emotions through their facial expression and body language. The music throughout the film was brilliant too and that helped in driving home the felling of sadness and loneliness that Hachi went through.

I had a dog too and it brings back memories of how sad and depressed I felt for a month after he passed away. I have experienced such undying, unconditional love and loyalty from my dog too and it made this movie extra special for me. If there was ever a movie that I will remember for the rest of my life, this has to be it. This is a must see for any person with a heart and soul. I know I am a better person today after watching this and I am confident it might also have the same effect on some of you. Thanks for reading and do take care whoever you are. Love your dogs and always remember that he will always be there for you even in your darkest, loneliest hours.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by Spocktom – If you love your dog…watch this film.

I watched this film with no preconceptions and not really knowing much about the story beforehand. All I knew was that it was based on real events in Japan. I deliberately didn’t read the blurb on the DVD case because I wanted to “discover” the story for myself.

I have always owned and loved dogs. Some people love their cats but I’m amongst the many who just really care for their pet dogs. Now I won’t spoil the story for you except to say that after a bit of a slow start this film draws you in. As another poster said…it will teach you much about the quality of love and loyalty.

I can only warn you to have plenty of tissues on hand because if you are a human being with functioning emotions you are going to cry…a lot! I am a fifty year-old “grumpy old man” but I bawled like a baby for nearly half an hour after watching this film. I also let my Staffordshire Terrier come up onto my lap (and she is VERY heavy) and I hugged her for an age! I will never look at a dog the same way again after seeing this film and I will treasure it for as long as God allows me to live.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by cdh1149 – The most wonderful film I have ever seen.

Wow, I joined this site to write a review on this amazing film. I walked into the video store this evening and grabbed it at random because of the dog on the cover and Richard Gere. I just had a feeling.

What can I say, no other film has touched me as much as this and I don’t think one ever will. Its off the scale. Its starts off slow but it quickly turns into such an endearing film, it makes you think about things you take for granted and a dog does this better than any actor.

I’m a grown man, never cry, this film had me fighting back tears because I didn’t want people to see me, I went to the bathroom and balled my eyes out after it. I even joined this site to encourage more people to watch it.

If you have to see one film in your life time, see this.

It breaks all barriers. I was going to make a backup of it, but I want to reward the amazing people who made this film by buying it.

I don’t think I can ever sit through this film again, but I want it on my shelf as a wonderful reminder.

Honestly, this is a film that I will never forget and one I will encourage people to watch at any given opportunity.

This film will make any human being cry.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by keerthivas123 – Hachi: a must watch.

People say that once in a while, some random production house would come up with a movie that will change the way the average movie-goer would watch films. It wouldn’t be right to say Hachiko is one such title; because it isn’t. But what it does do is make you realize that there is love and faith in this world.

I am a movie-buff and have seen enough “tear-jerkers” to know what that word means. But it was only with Hachi, did I realize that, at times, when things go dead silent and you have given up hope on yourself, there will be someone or something that will tell you, “You’re not alone.” It made me realize that in today’s world, where people complain of backstabbing and disloyalty, this movie will always tell me what it takes to be loyal, and realize what true love is.

Watch it. It doesn’t matter whether you cry or not at the end of the movie. That’s not what the movie attempts to achieve. In fact, I still don’t know what this movie’s objective is, if any. Anyway, try this out for once. I am pretty sure you won’t regret it.

Review Hachi: A Dog’s Tale by namashi_1 – An Emotional & Beautiful Film…

Based on the true story of a faithful Akita, the titular Hachikō, ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ An Emotional & Beautiful Film, that will melt your heart. A True-Story about a Dog’s loyalty towards his master, even after he dies, left me in tears.

‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ Synopsis: A drama based on the true story of a college professor’s bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.

‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ stunned me because of how faithful a pet can be. The dog waited for his deceased master, and never gave up. Hachikō’s love & faithfulness to his master, even cinematically, melts your heart & the penultimate portions, are very emotional. I cried!

Stephen P. Lindsey’s Screenplay is emotional & very touching. Lasse Hallström’s Direction is heartfelt. Cinematography & Editing, are perfect.

Performance-Wise: Hachiko, played by three Akita named Chico’, Layla and Forrest — each playing a different period in Hachiko’s life and his home, are the life of the show. Richard Gere as Hachiko’s Master, delivers a lovable performance. Joan Allen does well. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Erick Avari & Sarah Roemer are wonderful. Jason Alexander is decent.

On the whole, ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ is a GEM of a film.

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