Watch Interstellar 123movies – Interstellar full movie online free

Watch Interstellar 123movies – Interstellar full movie online free
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Watch Interstellar 123movies – Expect very much from the cast and director. And all expectations fulfilled. The film is almost 3 hours, but they are not feeling. Time flies by. No slack in the story-line. Everywhere where there might be desired drool, snot or lengthy disquisitions – all collected in a couple of phrases and capacious video sequences. Nor any stupid nonsense about the Bible and God. It’s Sci-Fi, baby! After viewing the impression left is not even like the movie, and how soundly from the book that you read with pleasure. Lots of thoughts left to think. The film, like a good book revealed to you something new, along with the author allowed to dive into his world. World, so close to ours. Very suggest targeting the film for viewing. Even if you do not like everything in the movie, you will get acquainted with one of the best representatives of the genre on today date.

Interstellar review – Watch Interstellar 123movies

Interstellar review by Jean-Mi Super – Nolan’s masterpiece, one of the best sci-fi movie

I have been a cinema lover for years, read a lot of reviews on IMDb and everywhere, and never found the right movie to write my first review. I always thought I would wait for THE movie.

And this is IT!

When I first heard that Nolan was preparing a sci-fi movie, I felt like a kid again, waiting for his Christmas gift under the tree. I knew it would become a classic. And I’m sure it will.

First of all, it is incredibly beautiful to watch. Honestly, it was so beautiful that I felt like I was sucked into the movie. The way Nolan decided to show some scenes really remind me of 2001 A Space Odyssey (actually many things will probably remind you of this movie). We can feel the talent of Christopher Nolan, just by looking at the way it is filmed. The techniques he used contribute to create that visual environment in a believable way.

The sound environment is just mesmerizing. It is a very important part of the movie, because some scenes take place in space, and Noland just found the right way to use sound. The soundtrack (made by the great Hans Zimmer) is breathtaking, epic, amazing, unreal. I could find a lot more adjectives to qualify it, but you have to hear it to understand how epic they are.

These two important parts (image and sound) create a stunning atmosphere. You will forget you are in a movie theater, and you will be lost in space, sucked into the adventures of this new Space Odyssey, begging for more. It is a truly unique experience. I can say that I have never felt something like that in a movie theater (at least not for the past ten years).

Then, of course, the cast. First of all, Matthew McConaughey. I discovered this actor in Tropic Thunder, but he didn’t really convince me, though he was quite funny. Then I saw Dallas Buyers Club. Since that movie, I love him. In this movie… Well, he is the movie. I exaggerate a bit, since there are other great actors (some even unexpected with a special guest) who play extremely well. But he is just what was needed to feel the human part of the story (which is very important in Interstellar). He is capable of making us feel so many different emotions all along the story, as a father, as a human. Anne Hathaway was very convincing, all together the actors managed to create some harmony, which makes the human interactions credible. Caine, Chastaing and Affleck are a perfect choice. And then there is… The special guest, I will call him “X”. His role, which could be seen as a minor role, is actually much more important than that. He proves, once again, that he is a great actor. Watch and see.

And finally, the scenario/story. I won’t spoil anything here; I’ll just try to convince you how great it is. Nolan is known to revolutionize everything when he tries a new genre in cinema. Well, once again he did it. With The Dark Knight he revolutionized the superhero genre. With Interstellar he’s revolutionizing the sci-fi genre in cinema. From what I heard, he worked with a physicist (in gravitational physics and astrophysics) to help him with that movie. And we can feel and see it. During the fifties, Asimov laid the foundations of modern science fiction. Lucas and Kubrick did the same in cinema. Today, Nolan is laying the new foundations of the genre in cinema, proving that cinema is still at the beginning of what can be done (brace yourselves my friends, we have not seen anything yet).

Why? Well, simply because we only know a few things about space, some things can’t be proved for the moment, so we can use theory, and make the best of it. That is exactly what Nolan did. He used theories that exist today, and made a movie about mankind, about pioneers, about humanity, about us.

Because, in spite of all the sci-fi aspect, it is a story about humanity. McConaughey, Hathaway, and mainly “X”, will managed to convince you about that.

My rating for this movie can only be a 10, because in itself, it is a beginning for a new kind of cinema. It IS a classic. Those who say “we can’t compare this movie to 2001 Space Odyssey, nor can we compare Nolan to Kubrick” are wrong. We can, and we should. Talented people don’t live only in the past, some genius live today, among us. And Nolan is one of them. Many say that he is overrated. I truly don’t think so. Only time will answer that.

This is the sci-fi movie of the decade, and probably the best movie Nolan ever made. Just go for it, without a second thought.


Interstellar review by Gstards – A Love Story Against The Backdrop Of A Grand Interstellar Travel

Love is the one thing that transcends time and space…

New creation of Christopher Nolan’s genius, whose name is now known to everyone. His films are waiting with a special look, because it offers something that every day, unfortunately, less and less can be found in the world of mass cinema – an interesting spectacle, filled with meaning, ideas and emotions. At this time, Christopher decided to send us not to the world of dreams, and even not on the dark streets of Gotham City. No, now he send us to the journey to, and perhaps beyond the boundaries of the possible and impossible, through the curvature of space and time, in other worlds. And you won’t forget this trip, this can be assured.

I was madly waiting for Interstellar’s release. And then, finally, I was able to see this Beauty – at the premiere in my coutry on October, 29. It was incredibly exciting. It was a delight. It was unforgettable. It was gorgeous. Nolan once again amazes the viewer’s imagination by his painting. Journey to the brink of infinity, the line where humanity has never set, acts as either the first-born purpose and a background of emotional history about the father and the daughter. A loving father who mankind need to help, but that he should leave his children, and a loving daughter who doesn’t want to let her dad in the infinity darkness.

Starting from the very first frame and ending with the closing credits, a new picture of Nolan will absorb you completely, forcing stare at the screen during the whole action, because it’s all so exciting and interesting that escape becomes physically impossible. No, this three hours won’t fly quickly for you. You’ll feel every emotion, every event, every character. You will not look how the main characters travel through the universe, because the movie experience in this film is so excellent that you will be on board of “Endurance” starship and travel between the worlds with the main characters by yourself.

The emotional core of this story is the relationship of Matthew McConaughey’s character and his daughter – Mackenzie Foy’ and Jessica Chastain’ character. And the acting work of these three artists in “Interstellar” impress the most. McConaughey was acting really great, and this is one of the most emotional, if not the most emotional role of his life. All the drama and tragedy of the relationship of father and daughter in this film will not leave anyone indifferent. Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn and other actors also coped with their roles and presented the film’s supporting characters very realistic. I would particularly like to note a small but important in this story role of Matt Damon, a character who has received quite memorable. If we talk about the characters, it should be noted also two robots that accompanied our heroes in this difficult journey. One of them adds a touch of humor in the film, which mitigates constantly depressing, dramatic, and sometimes really dark atmosphere.

The script of the film is very well combined the history of space exploration and the relationship between Cooper and Murph. The story is complex and complicated, is based on real scientific theories by Kip Thorne, and indeed contains a reference to the “Space Odyssey” and other sci-fi pictures. This story about true love, about loyalty, forgiveness, fraud, hard decisions, and much more. And it is designed so that leaves a lot of room for the imagination of the viewer. It’s also possible to notice some structure allusion to another Nolan’s work – Inception. The story and visuals are combined just perfectly in Interstellar.

Hans Zimmer’s score, written by him on the basis of only one letter from Nolan, hold the key: “Once we become parents, we can’t help but look at ourselves through the eyes of our children”, deserves a special praise. On this basis, Hans managed to write just incredible soundtrack that perfectly harmonizes with the history and the visual side of the picture. And this work of the composer is really different from the previous ones. It is executed in a different style from another subject in its base. Very impressive work, which will be pleasantly listened again and separate from the film itself.

Visual range of the picture is incredibly beautiful and circuses. The “Endurance” itself, new worlds, insanely beautiful and mysterious space, wormholes, black holes, and travel through them, folds of time and space are arranged so that is simply breathtaking. I would like to thank all those who contributed to the creation of a visual of this film. It must be seen. That mastery with which this is done, not just words. In the visual pattern also has some references to the Kubrick’s “Odyssey”, and they are pleasing to the eye.

Many thanks to Christopher Nolan for having given us such an incredible movie, which once again proved to us that the cinema is Nolan’s life.

“Interstellar” is a film that wins the hearts of the audience not only with its sci-fi splendor, but also an emotional story that lies at its very heart. This film is not only about the discoveries, space exploration and the final frontier of mankind, but also about the relationship of father and daughter, who were in a difficult situation in life when one has to leave the other in the name of a goal that can not be underestimated. So, with what Nolan’s genius unfolds before us this action is beyond praise. Combining the story, filled with not only real science fiction, but the true human values ​​and emotions, outstanding and very emotional performances, breathtaking visuals, epic and dramatic soundtrack, Christopher Nolan breathed the life into this film by his directing to create something truly masterpiece again.

“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night… Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light.”

Interstellar review by aldamayo – A familiar journey to the unknown, albeit a grand one

So last night I got the chance to see the early screening of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The film I’ve been waiting so much from the early days of the shooting. How did it fare? Here’s my take:

To avoid any tl;dr risk, let me get this straight from the very beginning, Interstellar is one goddamnedly good film, it gets you to the edge of your seat, it soars, it warps, it rips your brain senseless. It’s that good.

Interstellar is a story about the earth dying, with its soil no longer able to sustain crops other than corn, and of course, it will lead to the extinction of humanity. Our hero is an ex-NASA test pilot named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a typical ordinary-guy-in-an-extraordinary- situation everyman who’s also a dedicated family man, especially toward his daughter Murphy (named after the Murphy’s Law). In an all-too-Armageddon style our hero gets invited by the (publicly) defunct NASA to become humanity’s last hope in finding a new home, for they have found a wormhole near Saturn (2001, anyone?) which will warp the astronauts to another galaxy in quest of a habitable planet. Solid and compact premise, although it’s been used before.

For seasoned filmgoers, there are many similar elements (although it’s understandable) with Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Robert Zemeckis’ Contact (1997). In a sense that this is not a bang-bang-shoot-shoot-blow-em-up sci-fi, but more of a slow-burning, metaphysical sci-fi which gets you to think about your place in the universe and your exact place in time.

Similarity with 2001 and Contact is never a bad thing, but it becomes a wee bit too predictable, although Nolan is a smart enough director in providing the final (a very sentimental one, I should say) twist in the story. The visuals in this film is majestic, everything is shot to a meticulously calculated level, Nolan-style. The space scenes are serenely suspenseful just like Cuaron’s Gravity, but unlike the documentary feel of Gravity, there’s a real gusto and pace to these scenes. You should also be prepared for the (for some, maybe) unexpected third act, it is Nolan’s most sentimental and humane moment to date. And this is why Interstellar is more than just a science-fiction, it is a human drama intertwined in space and time loop.

One thing that Nolan gets a bit wrong is the narrative. Nolan was never a ‘warm’ director, his films are filled with brilliant ideas and flair but it feels cold, it maybe suits Memento and The Dark Knight but in Interstellar he seems to have been lost in determining which of the interpersonal drama or the sci-fi that will be Interstellar’s forte. The result is a rather incongruous script, intermittently cutting off the excitement of the previous scene and so on. But it is a forgivable sin, for the good is a lot more than the bad in this monumental film. At the end of the day, all I can say is that Interstellar is a grand film. It is monolithic, thoughtful, sentimental, sophisticated, visceral but also with its flaws. I wouldn’t say it’s Nolan’s best work to date, but I daresay that this is one of the best science fiction ever released.

After watching Interstellar, do yourself a favor and get lost in space and time and go back in time to see Contact (1997) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) to further wonder and wander into the realms of the unknown.

Because sometimes it is the unknown that fascinates us, frightens us and brings out the best in us.

Interstellar review by Sohyle Jain – Not Just A Class Apart…One of the Best ‘Sci-Fi’ flicks of all time!

Bad-ass… is the adjective which I choose to type the first word of this review. As I left the theater I was not only spellbound, but I was also sulking about the fact that the movie had ended.

The movie has a slow pace at the beginning, but not really boring. Steady and unique in its nature, I did feel that this movie might end up like last years blockbuster ‘Gravity’ starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. With every minute that passed, I could feel the importance of time, which let my prejudice drain away. With twists and turns, but not brain-spraining at all, it did make emotions come at par with adventure.

Great acting by Matthew McConaughey did overshadow Anne Hathaway. With an epic storyline and Nolan’s direction Space, Galaxy and the Universe did reach a whole new level.

I would love to rate this movie 10 stars without a second thought because it reached the depth of my heart and left me speechless. This movie is not a movie which is meant to be wasted by watching it at your laptop or TV. It’s buck worthy and a must watch for all the people who wait for some new serious, touching, heartwarming, adventurous, Science Fiction and Oscar deserving movies of all time. Hat’s off to both the Nolans!

Interstellar review by 3xHCCH – Sci-Fi with a Big Heart

The Earth in the near future is a shell of what it used to be. The plant life is dying. The very soil that used to sustain it is destroying it. There are some underground efforts headed by Prof. Brand (Michael Caine) called Lazarus to find an alternative world to settle in somewhere out there in the vast reaches of space. Three such potential worlds have been found beyond a black hole near Saturn.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a retired NASA engineer who had been chosen to pilot this effort to seek out and investigate these alternative planets. Despite the stiff objections of his 10-year old daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy), he accepts the mission and lifted off together with his crew of three scientists, Amelia (Anne Hathaway), Doyle (Wes Bentley) and Romilly (David Gyasi).

From there, we are brought on an unparalleled adventure of space, time and humanity by a master who is probably the most mentally-challenging writer and director in the film industry today, Christopher Nolan. Front and center in this spectacular sci-fi film is the timeless bond between a father and his daughter. The poetic story he has written is multi- layered and emotional, despite its scientific jargon and bleak settings.

As with his other projects, Nolan works with some of the best technical talents, many of whom are award-winners in their fields. Everyone on this team are guaranteed at least Oscar nominations for their work in this film, and they may in fact all actually win.

Film editor Lee Smith, sound engineers Gregg Landaker and Gary Rizzo and musical scorer Hans Zimmer together effectively create excitement and drama. The cinematography of Hoyte van Hoytema is breathtaking especially in those wide landscape shots, both on earth and on those other planets. The visual effects are innovative as ever, particularly in the third act where a whole new dimension was created. Production designer Nathan Crowley had some nifty ideas for his futuristic props. The circular design of the mother ship Endurance was beautiful in its symmetry. The designs of the robotic sidekicks TARS and CASE are in no way similar those in Star Wars.

Matthew McConaughey continues his streak of acting excellence which was just capped by an Oscar earlier this year. Michael Caine was as good as he could be expected to be. However, I found his final speech too garbled to be understood well, and it contained an important plot point. Anne Hathaway’s role is a bit of a puzzle for me. While she was actually managed to be credible as a scientist, she had a rather cheesy monologue that seemed out of place when it was delivered.

Three talented actresses portray the character of Murphy Cooper at different ages: Mackenzie Foy, Jessica Chastain and Ellen Burstyn. Foy goes way beyond what she was required to do in her two previous hit films the “Breaking Dawn” films and “The Conjuring”. Chastain is such a riveting presence as ever, and it was good to see her again after her long break after “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Mama.”. Oscar winner Burstyn’s singular big scene made me tear up.

In the second hour, I was surprised to see a special, heretofore uncredited, big name guest star portray one of the pioneer Lazarus astronauts, Dr. Mann. This was more than a mere cameo appearance, as his character had a critical role to play in one of the many twisting episodes of this story.

From “Memento”, then “The Prestige” to “Inception”, Nolan had gone for the extremes in terms of plot development. His work is not always easily comprehended on first watch. They are thought-provoking and demanding in terms of a viewer’s patience and concentration. “Interstellar” joins this stellar list, and we are brought to yet another dimension of time and space.

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