Into the Badlands TV series – Watch Into the Badlands full movie online free

Into the Badlands TV series – Watch Into the Badlands full movie online free
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Watch Into the Badlands online free – The series itself is well choreographed, nice action scenes and locations, with a few barons duking it out in a “Mad Max” sense, after a huge war has taken place, which in it’s case made mankind to either abandon all weapons or destroy them, so the only way to fight now is with melee weapons and close combat.

The first thing that came to mind was “Dune” the barons, the different factions the red clothed clippers that the main character “Wu” is in, is like the Harkonnen, i can just assume he will leave this baron or the real baron dies and his son with his destructive mind takes over the show, starting wars with the other barons, which i bet is either “Green, blue” etc just a hunch, even thou in this first episode with the widow, her soldiers were dressed in black “Funeral” and had Bowler hats. Cool show thou keep it up.

Into the Badlands TV series – Watch Into the Badlands full movie online free

Review Into the Badlands by Djmotiv – Not for over-thinkers

I get that people want this to be entirely believable and that aspects, such as the lack of guns in a world where other machines exist, appears to be hard to fathom – but think of all the other movies that have unbelievable components – such as why does Obe Wan wear a raggedy robe in a time when they can fly through space? He could still wear a robe, but did it have to look like a potato sack? How can Batman really compete with Superman, seriously?

Anyway the mix of martial arts with supernatural and post- apocalyptic themes would make most people think this is a horrible combination for a TV series … but not if you are a fan of old Chinese martial arts movies.

The fight scenes in this movie are incredible considering it is made for television. The acting isn’t absolutely stunning, but acting never was in many of those Chinese movies and it was never meant to be. The main characters Danny Wu and Martin Csokas both do a satisfactory job in their roles. Emily Beecham’s portrayal of the Widow has grown on me and she looks really impressive in some of the fight scenes.

Some of the supporting actors, particularly the fighters, I admit leave a little to be desired acting wise, but generally … you don’t want them to do much more than lose.

I believe if you over think the reality of this TV series, you may miss some of the good aspects of it, but admittedly this type of show isn’t for everyone.

Having just watched the first season, I loved the finale and am eagerly looking forward to seeing more.

Review Into the Badlands by s3276169 – The next cult series…..?

You know the moment you start watching that some series are going to attract something of a cult following. My suspicion is, Into the Badlands, is one such series.

Into the Badlands takes already interesting elements from 19th century Southern USA, cyberpunk, Gung (Kung) Fu and Samurai/Western action series, mystical and medieval epics and drops the whole fruit salad of seemingly incompatible concepts, into the creative blender.

The resulting series is an elaborate and flamboyant cocktail, that works in spite of itself. The primary reason it works, is all these cultural icons are familiar. The futuristic setting is something of an anachronism, reminiscent of any 19th century Southern plantation. Lurid splendor and vice, gained from the oppressive toil of poppy field workers called cogs(cogs in a wheel), who are little better than slaves.

Sitting alongside this, is a little Mad Max-ian magic in terms of machines and vehicles that populate this world. Technology, resurrected from a whispered past that has seemingly been and gone but is not entirely forgotten.

That familiarity contrasts another, the transplanted martial arts arena, reminiscent of classic films like Enter the Dragon, mixed with a dash of Gladiator, a little mysticism and any medieval epic you care to name.

The result is a highly imaginative, visually luxurious, mesmerizing watch, thats instantly engaging and very enjoyable. Provided, that is, you don’t over think things and accept this creative work for what it is. I have been addicted from episode one and plan to keep watching. Eight out of ten from me.

Review Into the Badlands by Gretel1006 – So Great!

Absolutely amazing! I am just blown away by the storyline, the fighting, the beauty, the colors, and the creativity.

I saw one reviewer wrote about it being too unbelievable and that the actors look too perfect. I don’t think that person quite understands the whole concept. The series is supposed to be like that. The colors are supposed to be incongruous to the depravity of the time and supposed to dazzle the eye.

I think the acting is great! I think that some of the actors, like the Barron and his son, are supposed to be over the top just like the colors are. I thoroughly enjoyed the premier episode and in fact, watched it a second time. I am mesmerized by it all.

Update after watching season 1: My affinity for the show only grew. I felt connected with the characters and naturally am concerned about their futures. As the season went on the stories of the “villians” were more flushed out which gave some insight into their reasonings and made them more relatable.

I am looking forward for season 2.

Review Into the Badlands by doug-boshoff – Unique and excellent!

All I can say is WOW! This show might not be for everyone – it has some of the best martial arts fighting scenes I’ve seen and it is really violent. In a way, the show resembles a sort of Game of Thrones / Vikings hybrid – but totally different! The acting is just spot on and the story is very intriguing. I cannot wait to see more! I’ve only watched 3 episodes and I really wish I could binge watch the rest. The 1st season only has 6 episodes which is a major bummer. The trailer for this show doesn’t do it justice. The pace of the show is perfect and I never felt the need to skip scenes, which I often do with long, drawn out shows.

I don’t write reviews very often, but this show deserved one!

Review Into the Badlands by Clockworksatan – The best new show on TV?

In this current climate of book and comic book adaptations, we’re getting used to seeing well-loved characters and stories being brought to life (with admittedly varying results) on the big and small screens. While this is all fine and good, it’s a little sad to think that there’s been very little in the way of completely original movies or TV shows in recent times.

Thankfully, shows like ‘Enter the Badlands’ come along every now and then to remind us that there are still some wildly creative and ambitious folks out there in the industry that are intent on unleashing their creations on an unsuspecting public. And it would appear that ‘Enter the Badlands’ came completely out of the blue as, despite being on many geek TV/comic/gaming forums and groups, I’d not heard a single thing about the show until one of my colleagues at work started raving about it and how amazing it was.

After watching the opening scene on the first episode, I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. Not only was this one of the prettiest, most visually arresting shows I’d ever seen, it was clearly going to be incredibly entertaining. It opens, you see, with one of the finest fight scenes I’ve ever seen on a TV show – if you think along the lines of the sublime sword-based fight scenes in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, that should give you some idea of what the opening brawl of ‘Enter the Badlands’ is like, but with some eye- watering, bone-crunching and bloody slaughtering of bad guys added into the mix.

But this show isn’t all about the fighting. Well, OK, it is really but thankfully it’s backed up with an intriguing plot and some excellent acting performances. It’s difficult to wade into the story without giving too much away, but the show appears to be set in a post-apocalyptic world (I think?) and in an indeterminate part of the world that is ruled over by five ‘barons’ who are in a power struggle over the regional resources. That’s about all I want to give away in terms of plot!

I’ve only watched the first three episodes so far, but I’m absolutely convinced that this is definitely one of the best new TV shows I’ve seen since… Well, Marvel’s Daredevil, to be honest! But at least that in itself should speak volumes about the quality of this show.

I can’t wait to see more!

Review Into the Badlands by Lucia Paduto – Lots of Action, Great Story Line, Great Characters!

I rarely watch shows like this, but from the first episode I was hooked! I just watched the season finale and already can’t wait for the next season. AMC would be crazy not to renew this show, it has GREAT potential! This was an excellent substitute for The Walking Dead. I have to say Into the Badlands is tied with TWD as my favorite!

I love all of the characters including the bad guys! Sunny steals the show as a lethal killer with a heart of gold. Quite often you can’t make up your mind whether you like Quinn or hate him and the same goes for the Baroness, one minute she is a witch, the next you can’t help but sympathize with her. Veil, MK, Jade, and all the rest do a great job in their parts. Overall a really well written show.


Review Into the Badlands by Kasialexander – Great show!

This is a fantastic new series, and definitely binge-worthy!! Love the low-tech aspects-old weapons, swords, etc. Keep it coming! The detail on the costuming is amazing. Loved the leatherwork. The only thing missing is mail – that would work great with the period pieces and the swordplay. I found the characters to be well developed and relatable, with a good blend of traits that you both love and hate in each character. Keeps you wondering who’s going to turn out to be good guys and bad guys. Great element to the plot! The location scenes were beautiful and appropriate, loved the mansions that looked like old Southern plantation settings. It worked great with Quinn’s poppy plantation. It was refreshing to see the polyamorous aspects of the story, with Quinn’s partners learning to deal with each other. Sad to see there was only one more episode this season. Hope it continues for another season (or twenty)!

Review Into the Badlands by Arroyobalzer – Great plot and action

This show has a great overall storyline, and the marital arts action makes for the most perfect icing on a cake. The show appeals to lovers of feudal, post-apocalyptic, story plots – while also drawing in those who love entertaining martial arts action. What is most to be liked, I believe, is that it is most unlike most other cookie cutter formula hospital and cop action dramas on TV. The only oddities in the plot line are: a) that ‘the boy’ needs to get cut before unleashing his hidden power; and that, after only a handful of episodes, b) one of the most interesting characters ‘the baron (Quinn)’ has been diagnosed with some terminal brain tumor. Other than that, I enjoy the series very much – as much – if not more than The Walking Dead. Can’t wait to Watch future ITB episodes!

Review Into the Badlands by A_Different_Drummer – So where do you set the bar? What do you expect?

Whether or not this is your cup of tea depends on your expectations.

If you are a Mad Max junkie, you are going to be in heaven.

If you like Kung Fu and WuShu then you are going to have to patiently sit through some so-so melodrama to get to the fight scenes. Which are pretty good. (Don’t laugh — an entire generation did this with Carradine’s KUNG FU in the 70s)

If you like BOTH a solid story AND martial arts (like Forbidden Kingdom, for example, one of the best films of that genre) you may be disappointed.

If you remember the superb work that Gough and Milar did with Smallville (the first few seasons were polished gems, arguably the best work ever done with the DC franchise) you will be very very very disappointed.

So, bottom line, you get from the party what you bring to the party.

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