Justice League review – Watch Justice League putlockers movie online free

Justice League review – Watch Justice League putlockers movie online free
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Watch Justice League putlockers movie online freeI went in with low expectations because of all the bad reviews, but was pleasantly surprised. Warner Brothers listened to the complaints from Batman V Superman and made the script funny, witty, fun. It had action, drama, and was a lovely colorful ride. They finally got Superman right. I’m actually a bit miffed at how the reviews are so low. DC can’t seem to win. I read some complaints that the character development wasn’t enough. Really? These characters have been in the collective consciousness for decades. Superman and Batman has been around since the 1930’s and Wonderwoman has been around since the 1940s. Do we really need more character development. I love that they got right into it with out all the boring repetitive back stuff. It’s too dark they complain so they listened and made it light. Now, they complain it’s to light. Ugh. I loved it. Don’t let the Critics spoil your time or make you prejudice against it. I think a lot of critics are copy cat reviewers and once a trend gets started they all copy each other. If you go in with an open mind, you’ll come out happy.

Justice League review – Watch Justice League putlockers movie online free

Justice League review by family-88144 – The fans love the film critics hate it.

Its the same old story when it come to films. Critics demolish a film and people who are interested to watch it don’t and end up watching it illegally then realizing it was amazing. I experienced this when great reviews came out for guardians of the galaxy 2, I went to watch it and hated it. I enjoyed this film personally but don’t take my word for it go watch it for your self. The movie brings together what we all hoped for, a team. its fun, bright and energetic with a balance of seriousness.

A piece of advice don’t go into this movie expecting to watch a movie on the level of the dark knight. In my opinion the only film to ever get close to that was the dark knight rises. As for the DC cinematic universe expect an array of bright movies the next possible dark movie you’ll get is probably THE BATMAN.


Justice League review by imabikerboy – I’m Satisfied As A Marvel Fanboy. Utterly Amazing

I’m a die hard marvel fanboy. But honestly nowadays marvel just way out of their tracks turning their action movies into some low-budget-cringy-parody movies. It’s not cool, man. Especially when they ruined Thor’s characters. It makes me upset.

But for this Justice League, I was amazed! The jokes are on point, they played the characters so well and natural, and so realistic for today’s society! And the punch-up-lines of the jokes was on point, so cool, without ruining any characters just like the Comic Books! But idk why the Batman feels so dark this time…

Yeah, I’m the sad marvel fans especially for the Ragnarok movies. Although the Justice League movies plot was simplified and played in a safe way plot, it really made me fulfilled for craving such a cool-pack superhero movies! Well done DC!

Justice League review by Ishaan_Bhatnagar Superhero Saga – Reincarnation of Superman

Justice League is fascinating movie starring superheros from DC world but it was Gal Gadot again who clinched the WOW factor. She is gorgeous and she looks amazing as Wonder Woman. The movie is scripted well but viewers need something good/worthy for all these superheros to go for a war all together.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman appears cool and his appearance will go trendsetter styling now, specially Tattoos and the long haired and beard. The performances are average but Batman and Superman characters will be again loved by kids. Cyborg and Flash have played with heart and dedication.

The slo-mo combat sequence between Superman versus Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman have been cinematographed excellently.

The movie is worth a watch in theaters near you. I know it is near to impossible but viewers and fans would love to see “Justice League VS Avengers”.

Justice League review by NNKK – Quite entertaining, by the standards of the animation episodes..

Not sure what movies the critics e.g. rottentomatoes watched..as conspiracy theories go, one is tempted to wonder if they were paid to tear apart, and it looks inconsistent esp considering they loved Wonder Woman..

Anyway I think JL has nailed it, by the standards of the animation episodes which I thought are quite entertaining..Ben Affleck nails it as Bruce Wayne and as Batman, Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman..and finally they’ve got Superman right (to me)..and Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman are great as well (also Jeremy Irons is great as Alfred), and maybe this is a good precursor to their standalone movies..

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is a superhero flick, an escape, a fantasy etc — if one wants a real life uplifting catharsis, one should stick with The Shawshank Redemption and so on.. JL is certainly not perfect, it does not do character development on the scales of the Dark Knight or some such..but it is definitely entertaining, fast-paced, positive and relatively lighthearted, and the characters are mostly placed correctly (at least along the lines of the animation episodes), as individuals and as part of the League.. this is certainly comparable to Wonder Woman in terms of how hopeful it feels overall.. and in some (inexplicable!) sense Synder’s take on the previous movies also makes a bit more sense now, within this universe..at some level.. I also found it amusing to be reminded of the Batman animation theme and the John Williams Superman theme..!

Justice League review by Jnybbk – A Great Comic Delight

Woah, just watched the movie today and I can say that I am relieved. Going into the movie I was very nervous, but now that i have watched the movie, I can say its worth the watch.

Due to the two hour time limit imposed by Warner Bros., the movie definitely seems quite rushed. Because of that, the introduction to the characters seems a little off. Since, I already knew how these characters became who they are, I could make sense of what was going. But for casual movie watchers, its not going to be that great but definitely a entertainment flick for sure.

The great side of the movie was the characters and the chemistry between them. Watching them on the big screen is a dream come true. I thought Ezra Miller as Flash was awesome and very funny. I can say the same about the other characters: Aquaman was bad-ass although he had less screen-time, Cyborg was definitely cool and Wonder Woman is as always charming. The other best parts of the movie would be Superman. I would say Superman stole the show. The CGI mustache wasn’t that noticeable. But overall he did great. I can say the same about Batfleck. Ben Affleck as Batman is awesome.

Now the bad parts of the movie. The main issue was with the villain. Steppenwolf didn’t seem so strong. Whenever he was out of the screen, I didn’t really care about him. Also rushing is also an issue here because of the two hour limit. The CGI could be even better, but it was pleasing.

As a comic book fan, to see the references made in the movie was totally great. And there are two end-credit scenes. You definitely don’t want two miss them. I had a great time watching the movie. And I am very hopeful for the upcoming DC movies.

Justice League review by greggriffin-30137 – Benefits From Great Casting

It must be next-to-impossible to perfectly cast some of the most iconic characters of all time. The big three here are perfectly cast and they have great chemistry. The chemistry between Bruce and Diana, specifically, drives much of the film.

Aquaman is not the train wreck that I thought he would be. He takes Arthur in a completely different direction, but it works. Cyborg is way more interesting than he was in the Wolfman/Perez Titans books from the 80s. Flash continues to be portrayed in a way that is different than anything that I’ve ever read in a DC book but he provides comic relief and is quite entertaining.

The film is fast-paced and is just like a comic book come to life. If you love these characters, it will be hard for you not to like this film.

Justice League review Sinhthuylong – The movie is amazing! Don’t figure out why the critics bashed it so much like that

I’ve just watched the Justice League movie this afternoon and I totally enjoyed it! It’s amazing out of my expectation because I was influenced by bad reviews from some sites like Rotten Tomatoes. Now I know they were wrong! The only thing I have to complain is that I wish the movie could be longer. ( I would give the movie 9.5/10 on IMDb but 9.5 doesn’t exist so I chose 10) I love the superheroes, great chemistry between them! I love Batman and Wonder Woman so much! The Flash is very cute but it’s not true that he steals the show. Actually, all 6 heroes steal the show! All of them are very attractive and lively! I don’t know what the others think but today all of the audience in the cinema was satisfied and applauded excitedly. Now I’m still excited and I know I will watch it at least two more times. From now on, I know I will never trust the critics again. We must watch it ourselves because we pay for the tickets, not the critics.

Justice League review Kerry Ford – Pretty Good!!

Was Justice League everything I was hoping for? Nope! There are some things I would’ve wanted done differently, but I could say that about a lot of movies, so I am trying to judge this by the content we got and not the content I wanted.

So I gave it 8 stars, and that seems pretty high considering all the hate the movie is getting. It definitely doesn’t deserve higher in my opinion, but I don’t really see it deserving less than a 5 either. My favorite thing about this movie was the cast, by far. Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot are fantastic. Ben Affleck is really good too. I’ve always been kind of on the edge with his portrayal of Batman. It is not always my cup of tea, but I enjoyed him in this movie. Ray Fisher did okay as Cyborg. I’ll expand on my opinion of Cyborg later in the review. Jason Momoa as Aquaman was interesting (he will also come up again later in the review). And lastly Ezra Miller was fine as the Flash. I did have a hard time adjusting to Miller’s version of the Flash, as I am a very bug fan of Grant Gustin’s version in the CW TV show. That being said, he did a good job! It just took some adjusting since his character seems particularly socially awkward compared to Gustin’s portrayal which seems very extroverted by comparison. So Miller did not do bad at all, and I did like it!

So for anyone who hasn’t guessed, I have severely limited comic knowledge. My full knowledge is based on the CW shows (which I understand is not a good source for comic relevance) and some of the post-New 52 Batman comics. As such, I know basically nothing about Aquaman or Cyborg coming into this movie. I know that Aquaman is from Atlantis and that he can survive underwater, and that is the extent of my knowledge. Cyborg…I have absolutely no knowledge of ahead of time, aside from his appearance in the original Teen Titans animated series. Characters such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are easy to follow because (for the men at least) their stories are iconic, and everyone has some inkling of an idea of who they are, what happened to them, and what they can do (and for Wonder Woman, her standalone movie obviously does a fantastic job informing everyone of her story). I felt the same with the Flash, since I have knowledge from the CW show, which seems to share a vaguely similar origin story with the version seen in the movie. This leaves us with Aquaman and Cyborg as our outliers. I enjoyed their portrayals, and I was interested in their characters, but I had no real attachment to either of them. That is one of my biggest complaints. As much as the public seems to be against superhero origin movies anymore, I feel like these two deserved to have one. Their histories are not widely known by people who are not faithful comic readers, and as such, some more information regarding them would have been nice going into this movie. Just something extra so that I have more reason to care about what happens to them.

My other main gripe with Justice League is the main villain. And lets be clear, I actually liked Steppenwolf as the villain, I found him kind of interesting overall. However, he was, overall, forgettable. He did not receive enough screen time for me to really get to understand or care about his motivations. I feel like the best kind of villain is one that is either coherent enough that I understand why they are doing what they are doing (maybe I’m even rooting for them in a way), or crazy enough that they are frightening and need to be taken down. Steppenwolf wasn’t crazy really, nor did I really follow his plan too well. But he was kind of scary, so I was alright with him overall. What I did not like was his disposable army. But, I feel anyone who complains about it in this movie and not in Marvel’s The Avengers is hypocritical. Both movies have the same fault that there is this army helping the main villain, yet they are not helpful to him in the least, and our heroes pretty much don’t even really struggle against them. This is something that many movies like this do, so I’m trying not to be too harsh on it. The CGI isn’t top notch either, but it did end up being better than I expected.

All things considered – this movie is fun. For the most part, the jokes land well, the characters are interesting, and the story is still enjoyable. Aside from one or two odd lines of dialogue and two extremely goofy Batman reactions to something happening, I think the movie was great. It had a decent plot and a fun cast. It wasn’t perfect, but it set up the future of DC movies pretty well, and I left the theatre pleasantly surprised. I don’t mean to compare it to Marvel, as it is indeed different, but I’d say it was *at least* as good Avengers: Age of Ultron. Probably a little better. So, in that comparison: there was a lot that could be improved, but in no way would I ever say this movie was bad. It was good, and even though it didn’t completely blow me away, I still feel comfortable saying that I 100% recommend it, because it was still fun, different, and a positive direction for the DCEU.

Justice League review radiotesla20012 – Go See This Movie! You will not be sorry.

If you are locked into viewing the world through the jaundiced eyes of the ‘professional’ reviewers, and pass on this movie, you are seriously missing out on a treat.

Although not quite a perfect movie, this collaboration between Snyder and Whedon ends up totally restoring the proper attitude, tone, and heroic posture of all of the DC super heroes present in this movie. Yes, I know, Wonder Woman was perfectly fine after her ‘stand alone’ venture, and she is equally excellent here, although she certainly does not stand as far above everyone else in this film; she remains Wonderful.

Some have complained about the ‘obvious’ switches between Snyder’s ultra serious tones, and the perceived injected humor of Whedon. I say that the lighter touches are just right, and any contrast with the more darker elements, are absolutely no more jarring than the juggling between danger and planned humor that show up in every entry of the Marvel universe. Those that see them as a forced marriage in Justice League, are looking at it through prejudiced glasses. They want to see discord, so they find it. However they managed to put this film together, considering that two major but markedly different-styled directors were involved, they succeeded well beyond what the doomsayers that had already made up their minds claim.

Some scenes in this movie even remind me of Richard Donner’s vision of America from his first Superman movie, and even though those moments are small, they are beautifully significant and welcome.

The climatic battle scene is not overly long and drawn out, and plays very well.

As I said above, it is not quite perfect, but I gave it a 10 here, because it is that close.

Do not listen to the naysayers, it is much better than Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron, because although it has to mesh many pieces together, Justice League does not suffer the excess of attempting to jam ten pounds of stuffing into a 5 pound bag as Ultron attempted, but failed to do.

I will most readily be seeing this movie in the theaters again, before it’s run is through.

Justice League review dvoon-missy-mcmuffin – Peppered with enough doses of fun

As it stands, I am one of the very few whom appreciates Man of Steel for its somber tone. I am also one of the many that enjoyed Wonder Woman a lot. So the question is, where does Justice League rate amongst these? It comes in close. Not beyond. Not on par either.

Foremost, Justice League is a fun watch. The chemistry exuded by all the casts, especially Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller, are contagious. The shift of tone to somewhat “lightheartedness” is definitely something for me to get accustomed to. However, the humor is peppered with the right amounts. Sparingly used, at its right times; rather than it becoming quips to transition into the next scene. Serious moments remained serious, as it should be. Each hero have their own distinctive personality & trait; whereby, not everyone turns out to be the same wise cracking sarcastic narcissists. Which was great.

Secondly, the story that the League found themselves in…well it is coherent storytelling. Passable at best. It does feel epic only at certain points. Would I want it to be better? To be a masterpiece throughout? Definitely. But it does feel like a ride. From start to finish, even during its supposedly “downtimes”, it moves along at a pretty fast pace.

Now my only hatred for this film. I had my fears when it was announced that Junkie XL was replaced. And that fear materialized into reality. Danny Elfman’s score is so generic. Bland. I don’t really hear a theme that I care for. OR is there even a theme to begin with? The so- called Batman, Superman theme of the past, were just meh. All I heard was generic music in the background, constantly gyrating annoyingly throughout the impressive visuals.

The one thing that the DC films had, which were emotionally charged, goosebump inducing scores, are now gone. Sigh…

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