Swiss Army Man fandango – Watch Swiss Army Man full movie online free

Swiss Army Man fandango – Watch Swiss Army Man full movie online free
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Watch Swiss Army Man full movie online free – This movie is as bizarre as it is beautiful. It is a strange and surreal insight into human companionship and really highlights the beauty of very simple things in life. This movie is difficult to categorize, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s philosophical and other times it just emits a kind of childish charm. It is one of the most original movies I have ever seen and definitely the most original of any movie which has been released this decade. I can understand how it might not be for everyone, being dismissible as complete suspension of disbelief or just plain stupid. Either way I highly encourage everyone to at least give this great movie a chance.

Swiss Army Man fandango – Watch Swiss Army Man full movie online free

Swiss Army Man review by Alex Knight – We all need somebody to lean on.

A truly remarkable piece of modern surrealism, Swiss Army Man takes us on an adventure that we probably haven’t experienced before. It does not mess around with any long introduction process, almost right from the beginning we are dropped into a bizarre story that involves a suicidal cast-away and a corpse that can fart like a high powered jet- ski – played by Daniel Radcliffe of course.

But this is more than just a surreal film about a guy losing his mind from being stranded on an island, this film explores emotions and feelings that we hide from others, can relate to and dread to think of happening to us, this is done through immensely good and tight editing and beautiful mixes of music. There are scenes that become intense from quick flashes of what has happened and memories, but sometimes these images are altered so it is like we are remembering things differently to how they actually happened, this is good for psychological reasons because everyone interprets things differently.

After Paul Dano’s character, Hank tries to kill himself from being stranded on an island for some unexplained reason, he meets the corpse; Manny who helps him find himself rather than find his home, he ascends on a journey of pain, fear, hallucination, starvation, isolation but also self awareness, freedom, morality and strength.

Hank is a young man who appears to be an outcast in society, someone who has failed at something and dares not to try again, full of self pity and loathing, but with this there is hope for his character, after all he seems like a nice guy who teaches his new friend Manny who is dead but is learning about life, people, difficulty, emotions, and after becoming more alive he begins to attain abilities that engage their journey in literally explosive ways.

I liked how throughout the movie I did not know how or where this film was going, but I was never bored of the mysteries of the plot and I was always excited to see what would happen next. It has the theme of wondering if things are imaginary or really happening; supernatural versus delusion.

This film explores and experiments with the stranger themes in film, and it exposes and accelerates what our imagination is capable of as artists, as film makers and film lovers, it brings out raw and deep emotions and thoughts within us if you let it.

I give this curious, imaginative, creative & strange but free film a 9 out of 10.

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Swiss Army Man review by Reno Rangan – Two strangers in an unusual circumstance take a weirdest journey.

My initial thought was this is a new version of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’, but very soon I realised it is not. This film is a bit disgusting. Watching alone makes okay or with the close buddies, but not good for beyond that. I totally appreciate the effort and obviously the fresh idea for a film from the Hollywood, but the film is not a masterpiece or entertaining. Because a plot like this is not worth for a 90 minute stretch. It should have been a short film or the story should have developed to a better one.

There are lots of questions regarding the film. The film did not detail everything it showed, so that’s the first negative about it. It opened with a young man stranded on a tiny island who tries to commit suicide, but abandons the plan and takes a weirdest ride in the sea seeking land to get rescued by its people. Though he’s not alone, a strange young man accompanies him. So it’s like theirs journey of self-discovery, but how it all ends is the crucial final segment.

Both the young actors were good in theirs very challenging roles, particularly Daniel Radcliffe. The directors too to be praised for managing to pull it off so well. But it was the screenplay that did not deliver as I anticipated. The film was different, but nothing impressive at all, so I think it is good for watching at once. Maybe if I understand or get the answers for my doubts, I might change might stance. For now this is an average film.

Swiss Army Man review by Jacob Thompson – A Film You Have to See to Believe

If you read the premise on IMDb, then I think it’s easy to assume that this movie is about as weird as it sounds. If there’s one word to describe Swiss Army Man, it’s strange. The story is strange. The characters are strange. The jokes are strange. But, amazingly, that’s what gives the film some of its charm and likability.

Paul Dano, who gave great performances in films like 12 Years a Slave, Prisoners, and Love and Mercy, very well portrays a lonely and hopeless man who doesn’t believe he deserves any rewards in life. Daniel Radcliffe, who you obviously know from the Harry Potter series, also convincingly plays a dead body who almost acts like a curious little kid that just wants to know how the world works. The two share a surprisingly good chemistry. Yes. A lonely guy and a talking corpse share surprisingly good chemistry. Never thought I’d ever say that.

The film also has its own sense of heart and humor. And kinda like I said earlier about the film itself being strange, I don’t say that lightly. The touching moments and the funny moments are so weird and so unlike anything that I’ve ever seen in any movie, that I can’t help but either chuckle at them or feel touched by them.

Where this film falls flat is its pacing. Despite the fact that the film was only an hour and a half long, it felt about an hour longer. Certain scenes between Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe dragged on for a little too long. In all fairness, most of these slow scenes are supposed to help further both characters, but at the same time, it really makes you question if there was some other alternative where the script can still achieve that same goal without boring the audience to tears. But these scenes were pretty few and far between, so I guess it only counts as a nitpick.

So is it for everyone? Probably not. This is a film that you’re either gonna love or hate. Many might see this as genius. Others might see it as the stupidest goddamn thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life. And either side is understandable. I can’t really tell you whether this film is good or bad. It’s just simply one of those movies that you have to see to believe.

Swiss Army Man review by Sean Lamberger – Quirky, Crazy and Charming; a Refreshing Vision

A lonely, suicidal twenty-something makes friends with a waterlogged corpse and proceeds to explore his feelings while using the stiff body to chop wood, light fires and propel himself majestically through the water like a valkyrie atop a pegasus. It’s like an existential Weekend at Bernie’s without the supporting cast, if that makes any sense. One of the strangest films I’ve seen in ages, which doesn’t shy from its inherent weirdness – rather, it completely embraces it and digs even deeper. Wildly creative and original, it’s a feature-length Instagram mixed with an Arcade Fire video. Music is interwoven with the spirit of the film, cropping up organically from the mouths of the two primary characters and gently sprawling until it bounces about the room like a cathedral. The first two acts are absurdly fun, a great blend of cackle-worthy humor and, honest-to-god, legitimate poignancy. It gets a bit heady and loses touch with its silly side on the home stretch, which is a drawback, but I can’t say I didn’t expect that from the tone of its trailers. A true change of pace from the norm, it’s bold and beautiful while the ride lasts.

Swiss Army Man review by Lasttimeisaw – a decent comedy out of left field

American indie directors-duo DANIELS’ feature debut, SWISS ARMY MAN is a gonzo buddy movie hinges on the peculiar bonding a stranded young man Hank Thompson (Dano) and a farting corpse whom he names Manny (Radcliffe).

If this premise sounds pretty crass to you, wait to be shocked and stunned, its title itself manifestly signifies Manny as a multi-functional tool like a Swiss army knife, an ass-bared, farts-powered water jet in the title sequence is just the beginning, he will shepherd Hank back to human society in a nexus of capers coming about in the jungle, which, in retrospect, is not that far from civilization, and further obfuscates the boundary between reality and imagination.

Any logical preconception will ascertain viewers that Hank is delusional, to say the least, a retiring soul on the brink of giving up his life when his eyes alight on Manny, awash to the lonesome shore, we are never informed how Hank arrived in the island in the first place, and bolstered by a shark- jumping ending, every possible cerebral interpretation has been arbitrarily pigeonholed in a moot position, which is a double-edged sword to elicit polarized responses.

But there is beauty in Hank and Manny’s logic-defying home-coming journey, whether the latter is a bona-fide corpse Hank befriends and carries around, or is entirely a product of his psychotic head-space when he encounters the lightning before death, all depends on one’s glass-is-half- empty-or-half-full perspective, the film’s reflexive and coruscating vibe speaks volumes of the basic rapport between two friends, Manny is recreated as a tabula rasa incessantly pops rudimentary questions while stay immobile in his zombie appearance, from excruciatingly banal convos about family, love, erection to more salutary insights on Hank’s Oedipus Complex, fears of masturbation and a new approach to discern beauty in quotidian life. While Hank takes the chance to sort out his own forlorn misery, the strained relationship with his father (Gross) after the early death of his mom, the unrequited affection to Sarah (Winstead), a girl whom he constantly meets on the bus, but doesn’t have the gut to initiate a small talk. They are all components of cliché yet limned with nimble tenderness and affective earnestness to DANIELS’ lights. In a bolder move, Hank conducts a therapeutic cross-dressing play-acting to guide Manny into a Sarah-courting procedure, up to a homoerotic clincher when they share an underwater kiss, totally necrophiliac but transcendently heart-warming.

The center-duo certainly enjoys a wild ride during a short 22-day shooting, It is rather in his wheel- house for Paul Dano portraying strung-out eccentrics harboring a tragic psyche, and Daniel Radcliffe, does put his back into exploring characters on the off-beaten path in his post-Harry Potter career-choices, they rounds off with plucking an emotional chord in this heady, quirky and surprisingly edifying tale borne out of a woeful reality.

Aided by a kaleidoscope of snazzy editing by Matthew Hannam, its lilting, a cappella-exclusive soundtrack confected by Atlanta indie band Manchester Orchestra, DANIELS’s defiantly crude, vibrantly whimsical and dichotomy-straddling fantasy definitely goes out on a limb to be a comedy out of left field, and it is a horizon-widening brainwave can generate a sizable degree of reverberations for those who are able to overlook the somewhat obscene antics and look a little bit beyond the surface.

Swiss Army Man review by sudarshan Shetty – Ridiculously funny, beautifully dark and sensibly no sense movie!!

Swiss Army Man is a fresh movie. Things look ridiculous but it’s funny. I personally liked the movie. There are lot of “what the hell is this” scenes but you’ll be laughing while saying it. So deep with ease. Gross but different. It’s a dark movie with feel good essence in it.

Technologically not so rich but that doesn’t count since the movie is deep in it’s story line. Makers are successful in expressing the concept. It’s a unique watch. This movie makes so much sense and no sense at same time. It’s not a best on its philosophical terms but it’s definitely a worth watch. Different attempt under comedy genre. Being added to the category Fantasy makes sense. I recommend watching this. Definitely a good movie.

Swiss Army Man review by Eagandersongil – The intelligence of irrelevance

In an era where everything follows a cake recipe, “swiss army man” is bold, he cares little about the comfort of the viewer and I am not surprised by the news of people who left the cinema with 20 minutes of movies, an illogical story , Silly and who gives himself completely to the flirtation, but, somehow, he has a brilliant reflection on reflection, love and self-knowledge. We have the story of Hank (Paul Dano), who is lost on an island and meets a strange being with absurd powers that help him escape and get to know each other. Paul Dano is incredible in this film, a sensational performance, and Daniel Scheinert made the best dead half I saw in the cinema, with soundtracks and good and practical photographs, nothing is left to be desired, an edition and impeccable montages, but here the strong point Is still the script, which at one point gives itself to the common and cliché, but only for a moment, then it recovers, at least and parts, the construction of our protagonist is confused, as every first act of the film. At the end of the day we have a different movie with touches of drama, romance and comedy, with an irreverent script and great performances that completely escape from current standards.

Swiss Army Man review by Katerina Michalaki – xcMasterpiece

This movie after I saw it went straight to my top 5 movies ever, maybe the top one, I don’t know, certainly it’s in my forever top 5! Daniels created an original movie, never seen before anything like that. A really smart and beautiful script, from which, in my opinion, every line is a quote. The script deals basic with friendship and true love, wherever it comes from. It includes comedy, drama, musical, action, and sci-fi, all of them used harmoniously and came to impressive results. The directing was spectacular. The image was eye-catching, with wild and beautiful scenery.The actors played a very serious part to this result. They gave life to the script in a higher than any expectation way. Personally I think Daniel Radcliffe is one of the best actors of his generation. He did a really tough work in this movie. Playing all the time an almost dead man, I was impressed. This guy is a true actor. In every movie there is nothing that reminds my of him in any other role. He is really transforming himself. This was the first movie I ever saw Paul Dano and I think I need to see and other stuff he has done, because his was really good, different from the classic style of American actors, with beautiful and true gaze. Oh last but not least, the music. There is a music pattern used repeatedly in the movie but it is changing in the way.I loved the fact that the most of the parts are sang by Paul and Daniel. It was not only a detail but a contributing factor to the end result.

I really loved the result. Great and never seen before!!! Congratulations to the hole team! You must watch this movie, you really have to!

Swiss Army Man review by Matt_Layden – One Of The Best Films Of The Year!!!!

The most original film of the year and one of the more original films of the last decade. Swiss Army Man turned a lot of people away with the weird juvenile humour consisting of farts, but I feel like those people who turned it off or left the theatre missed out on something special. Behind all the gas, the film deals with depression, humanity and what it feels like to be alive. Poignant themes in a film that isn’t a afraid to make you laugh in the weirdest way possible.

Hank, played by Paul Dano, is marooned on an island and is literally about to hang himself when he sees a dead body wash ashore. He thinks nothing of it, until the body spasms and lets out numerous farts. The dead body, whom is later called Manny, played by Daniel Radcliffe, comes alive, more or less. He’s able to have conversations, perform miraculous tasks and gives Hank the courage to look inside himself and answer some deep questions.

This is my favourite Daniel Radcliffe performance, is that odd to say? He plays a corpse who farts, so he doesn’t have to move around a lot and he is basically stone faced the whole film, yet he brings an innocent charm to the role. He questions what it means to be alive, what feeling of love hate and depression are. Hank tries his best to answer these questions, but he might not even know the answers himself. The two bond over a few “Weekend At Bernie’s” style comedy bits, which have more meaning later on when more characters are introduced, specifically Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The title Swiss Army Man is appropriate as Radcliffe is used for various tasks. Fresh water pours out of his mouth, karate-chop action figure style arm swing, projectile mouth firing mechanism, sparking flint by snapping his fingers, among other things. Hank uses Manny’s unique “powers” to help him traverse the terrain. You have to ask yourself, can you suspend enough of your imagination to enjoy the oddity of this? I don’t think the film is ever really concerned with if any of these events are really happening or not. Instead it wants you to focus on the friendship these two have and despite one of them being dead, it’s one of the best relationships depicted on screen this year.

I know there are people out there who dislike the film, but count me in the camp of people who really responded to it. Who knew that film about a farting dead corpse would be one of the best of the year and one of the most honesty portrays of friendship. Swiss Army Man is a win and a watch for anyone wanting something unique in their movie going experience.

Swiss Army Man review by Framptonhollis – somehow, they managed to make this movie really work!

I am absolutely blown away.

Not only is this bizarre indie film about a farting corpse and a lonely, suicidal man stranded on an island one of the funniest films of last year, but it is also one of the most emotionally moving. A movie about a farting corpse is moving? I guess so.

The fact that the directors managed to make this film work splendidly despite it having such an off the walls plot is highly impressive, but the fact that they also managed to make it a beautiful and thought provoking piece of art is an even greatest achievement. Sure, there’s jokes about farts and boners and masturbating throughout, but there’s also meaningful commentary on life and love-and it is all complicated by a fantastic soundtrack (made up almost entirely of human voices) and excellent performances by Paul Dano and especially Daniel Radcliffe, who turns his role a weird corpse into one of the most memorable, hilarious, and likable movie characters I’ve seen in a long time.

After having experienced this film, I’m almost at a loss for words. It’s really just a movie I’d recommend any readers to watch on their own, because there’s no point in me just describing the film’s memorable events and dialogue-one should really just see it for themselves. It’s a brilliant film that deserves much more praise than it has gotten. I was not expecting any Best Picture nominees to be given to such a weird movie, but I cannot get over the fact that the Oscars just flat out ignored the movie in terms of original score, screenplay, and performances.

Seriously, this is a brilliant, underrated, surreal, laugh out loud funny, and emotionally overwhelming masterpiece that must be seen by those who can embrace the weirdness.

Swiss Army Man review by Brandon – Original and Supremely Bizarre

I need to start by saying this wasn’t at all a bad movie, in fact it was pretty entertaining. The acting was great, and the cinematography was really nice. I noticed a by the end of the first act the use of extra-wide shots, not centred on the characters, reinforced the idea of them being lost and alone.

Where this film lost me was the overuse of immature humour, it attempted at times to make the viewer feel a deep emotion, but was overshadowed by raw talk about sex and continuous farting.

I liked the way the film did talk about being weird and cultural acceptance for that. This indie flick is most certainly not for everybody, but those who can see passed the immature humour and overall strangeness of the film, can come to appreciate it.

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