The Good Doctor 123movies – Watch The Good Doctor 123movies online

The Good Doctor 123movies – Watch The Good Doctor 123movies online
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This story show The good Doctor should continue more seasons. The acting is great. Lots more story lines to continue with these lives. Please consider more seasons. We the viewers are wanting more on the life of Dr Shaun Murphy. There are a lot more story lines for the actors of this fine show. You cannot stop this story of Shaun Murphy, where did he run off too??

Review The Good Doctor by Charles Herold (cherold) – The Anti-House

In the first couple of episodes I kept thinking how this series was House but with a nicer protagonist. You’ve still get a brilliant doctor who sees things others don’t, pushes against authority, and has poor social skills, only this time instead of a surly, middle-aged alcoholic the doctor is a sweet autistic kid (seriously, he looks about 14). And guess what, as I just learned on IMDb, both shows were developed by the same guy!

Like House, the series is a mix of drama, humor, and medical mystery solving. Freddie Highmore is excellent as the genial but socially inept doctor, Shaun, although he is perhaps a little too much, for those who have seen the series, like Data from ST:TNG. The rest of the cast is quite good, with the lovely Antonia Thomas taking Hugh Laurie’s place as the English actor with a spot-on American accent.

The series is quite funny and affecting, but it is also pretty ridiculous. In the first episode Shaun goes through an elaborate process to save someone with no explanation of why it must have taken about two hours for an ambulance to arrive. Other doctors are dismissive and cavalier just so Shaun can show off. The flashbacks are a mixed bag and often feel unnecessary.

But in spite of its flaws, of which there are many, I just really like this so far. It’s dumb but tremendously entertaining.

Review The Good Doctor by babyk-44846Absolutely Amazed with this show

I, for one…. cannot believe the reviews I have read. It is totally unfathomable that people have such narrow minds. First off. It is a television show. Nothing more People! It is a refreshing insight to all that autistic children, adults face on a daily basis. It is thoughts of what is possible for ANYONE with any type of disability they may face to have a positive outlook for what they stand for and fight for at any given time in their life. Although, it is extreme… It is the possibility that something greater can happen in the life of someone with disabilities no matter how great or small. I find a learning experience in every episode I have watched and that is to learn more about autism from every aspect and have compassion enough to care … as a human being. I would be very sad if this show doesn’t continue and show it’s full potential. I will be forever watching as long as it is aired!

Review The Good Doctor by jeepz65 – to the mother that was insulted by this series

To Pberry-17501 I disagree with your review and i find it rather an insult. There are different types of autism. Your going by your personal experience with your son … autism affects people in different ways and if an autistic child takes an interest in something with encouragement they can be and do anything they want … This program for instance is an example brother and myself have autism my brother was a gymnast and i am self employed with a successful business …you obviously don’t understand your son and have never encouraged him as we where by our loving family … anything is possible this is a brilliant series and i hope it gets another season … part of autism is determination to see something through..I don’t like is people comparing his character or expecting him to go all norman bates … Autism in this day and age is looked at as incompetent … well if you see us as been not the norm then i would ask what is normal … people can be cruel and i have ran into situations where people think i am slow…

Review The Good Doctor by Pmisiaszek – Great family show!

The Good Doctor TV show is totally now my number one favorite! I hope it’s around for a hundred season’s! Freddie Highmore is an excellent actor! All the actors and actresses are great but Freddie is my favorite! I was so sad when Bates Motel ended and I’m so happy this show was born! Love the story line of this fine young doctor with the disease Savant Syndrome and I like the projection of his medical knowledge figuring out the medical diagnosis with the patient and the reflecting of the memories of his past. This show is an inspiration to all!

Review The Good Doctor by Abimael Santana Bazil – Entertaining!

From the very 1st episode, I was hooked. That doesn’t mean the show is without flaws but I feel they don’t weaken the show or reduce what the show is. I can’t exactly say why, but, I’m immediately invested in Dr. Shaun Murphy’s success and happiness. He’s different than every person in his environment and viewed as a liability. It’s just the perfect set up to prove all those naysayers, who think they know better, wrong. I already bought the 1st season on Amazon and I really hope they get a 2nd season. Great show!

Review The Good Doctor by anna10116 – Hopeful for Episode 2

A previous reviewer wrote that this series is based on a Korean drama that “only” ran for 20 episodes. I wanted to write a review to clarify that Korean series tend to be about 20 episodes, and they almost never do more than one season of a drama. This is normal. This doesn’t mean that the American version is sourcing a failure. The Korean version was very popular, which is why it has been adapted here.

I give this show a 7/10 thus far. I was captivated the whole time, but I was watching with a critical eye. I have to say that I was a bit underwhelmed, having watched the original series. I appreciated the many elements that were the same between the versions, like him saving a child at the airport and subsequently being late for his first day because of it, but I felt like the American changes lowered the quality. Too much setup and not enough action. I didn’t need the details of Claire’s sex life before I even see her work as a doctor. That in particular seemed really out of place to me because of the contrast with Shaun’s innocence. I think there were too many characters not properly introduced, like all the doctors, pretty much. In the Korean version, there is a narrow focus on the main autistic doctor, the arrogant boss doctor, and the kind-hearted female doctor. I hope they will not try to emulate the number of characters in Grey’s Anatomy. Looking forward to the second episode because I think that will be a better indicator of what this show will be like, now that all this setup has been done in the pilot.

Review The Good Doctor by Escctrlshift – Authentic – and It Grows On You

In one respect, “The Good Doctor” is standard medical-drama fare. There’s an A-story, a B-story, and a few backstories, plus episodic plot elements that occur and resolve in each episode. Therefore from a production standpoint, it is a professional operation, but not one that especially allows the rare gifts (if any) possessed by its actors to shine. That is, except for those Freddie Highmore whose portrayal Dr. Shaun Murphy is inspired and convincing. I say that as someone with experience as an actor, writer and also coming from a family with at least four very gifted persons “on the spectrum”, from mild to severe, and with some savant- like capabilities to boot. I can sympathize with Shaun Murphy, who should make many a frustrated “spectrum” individual feel more inspired, less afraid of life and so forth. So while honestly not able to give more than eight stars — this is a “professional” production, but not itself a prodigy — Highmore’s performance is certainly worthy of award consideration…

Review The Good Doctor by Ggreenidge – Oh Humans … they never seem to amaze.

I for one love this show and i will watch it for how many more season they can give me. you know back in the forty’s or fifty’s people with Autism were shuned because of their inability to cope with the real world. then i said to myself what the hell (not the word i want to say i’m holding back) is the Real world when you have narrow minded people in it. those same people who think you should be perfect even if you have a cut on your face. they deem you different. now here’s this T.V. series trying bring this to light in a good way an people are trying very hard to shun it all over again. but i have to say i don’t know how i would cope with someone with autism because i’ve never had the chance to be around anyone with it so i don’t know..but i sure as hell wouldn’t want to deem them incapable of anything.. I love it and i can tell you i love it again.

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