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Watch The Shack 365movies – The Shack full movie online free
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Watch The Shack 365movies free online – Beautiful story of love and forgiveness. Many people told me I should watch this movie when it first came out. I really didn’t know what it was about and didn’t read the full description. I knew it was a “Christian Movie”, but that’s about it. I was very surprised throughout the movie and the first part was very suspenseful. From beginning to end it was a story that transitioned well and always left me guessing.It was a movie I encourage anyone to watch with a open mind and heart. Overall it was made very well and took me through a range of emotions. I would watch this again.

Actor: Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Tim McGraw,

Director: Stuart Hazeldine,

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Country: United States

The Shack review – Watch The Shack 365movies free online

The Shack review by Cabsjohnmark – Divinely crafted

I never thought I will appreciate movie genres like this.Lately I have been watching sci-fi, suspense and romance themed movies. At first I have no plan of watching this movie, but my attention was caught when a friend of mine told me what was this all about. I must say, the movie was “divinely crafted”. This was the first movie that really punched my ego and played my emotions. Some parts of the movie can rip your soul and enlighten you about the divinity of God, the nature of life, the circumstances that we do not understand. The story was beautifully and intricately written, absolutely.

If you watch the movie, you will really feel that God was there, in front of you, talking to you, loving you, giving you ideas that encompass human comprehension.

“Why does it have to happen?, why do we have to suffer?, If God does exist, why wont he show then?”, these are questions common to us, surely you have asked these questions yourself.

If you are that person who questions the incomprehensible course of fate, circumstance and life, this movie is for you.


The Shack review by missrachelsch – Not your typical Christian film

I am not a regular church goer, nor did I have high expectations for this film at all, and I do not cry in films, but this movie made me ball. Most Christian films fall flat and can be subjective, but this was different. I knew people who were fans of the book and highly anticipated the film, but seeing it is not a movie, it is an experience not to be missed. The values of forgiveness and true faith are challenged and as the viewer it was overwhelming. Better than any of the Oscar nominations this year.

The Shack review by dkoonts – If you loved the book…

If you enjoyed the book–you will love the movie. The movie addresses the ageless philosophical question, “Why does God let bad things happen?” It presents some theology in an unorthodox fashion–but not a heretical one. I found it more inspiring than Narnia–which I dearly love. The film follows the book closely, but not 100%. As a film and story it’s not perfect–but it’s very close. If you have an open mind, I suggest you see it.

The Shack review by Patsworld – You Will Come Away From This One Thinking – And Feeling

This is a wonderful family film. Here’s a tip for Hollywood. My friend and I go to a matinée pretty much every week. There are sometimes, at most, a dozen, sometimes a half dozen, people in the theater. For this one? The room was a good half full. Now tell me why Hollywood insists on producing nasty, foul, poorly-written and acted pieces of trash all the time? Really. Anyway, this one gives you so much to think about. There are several instances of symbolism in this picture that took my breath away, that brought me to tears. Well written, well-acted, this one is so worth seeing. I am anxious to see it again and trust me, that isn’t often the case. I took away from that theater a new feeling and I’ve thought about several of the lines of dialogue many times since. The truth and the trust of this picture will stay with you. I know it did me. I am always surprised by Tim McGraw. The man can surely sing, but he can also act. He’s a natural. Octavia Spencer seems to be in about every movie there is lately – well, not quite but still – however, there is a reason. She is wonderful. She brings her role to life every time. And she most certainly did in this one. Trust me, this is one you want to see. Take your family. Take your friends. Or go alone. Doesn’t matter. Just see it.

The Shack review by Cindy Trapp – Well done adaptation from book

I loved the book, and therefore was very interested to see the movie production. I thought the movie followed the book as closely as I’ve ever observed before…while there are differences, the essence of the message, and desire of God to have a personal relationship with each one of us – came through. I thought the casting was well done, and the visual translations of the book’s imagery close to how I “imagined” it in reading. Thank you for bringing this book to the big screen, and I hope many find hope in Jesus, outside of religion.

The Shack review by bknb02 – Great to see an Awesome movie on the big screen!

I have to admit that I had no idea that Sam Worthington has the acting chops that he proved to have in this movie! I found the movie to be uplifting and inspirational and very earthy in dealing with some dark topics. It walked me through a path of forgiveness and grieving and how to get to the other side using my brain in a way that I don’t think I processed before. This really is a very entertaining and fun way to show how to get there in a very compassionate way.

It’s just a really good movie with a lot of really great messages. I’m going to go see it again. I hope everyone sees it at least once.

The Shack review by Dwuksta – it was a religious bashing

The film started well, but something about it was instantly concerning. It was like a re- enactment from a TV crime show, and not actually telling a story, and unfortunately the beginning was the best part. The more you get into the film, you realize why this was the case. They were just setting you up for rant about religion, and how god is all knowing and blameless. It reminded me of all the poor suckers that got conned into a secret engagement with a friend, only to find out they were selling Amway products. That’s how it felt, I was duped into thinking I was getting a movie, I wasn’t, it was a ridiculous religious fantasy film, but it pretended to be about a father coming to grips with the loss of his kidnapped and murdered daughter.

There are too many flashbacks, to the point where you often can’t remember when the last bump on the head actually goes back to. Sam Worthington as the father was very one dimensional, very sullen and melancholy throughout the entire film, right up until the very end where he experiences his religious awakening. His accent often changed from American to Australian quite regularly too I might add. The film covers ground from when he was a boy and treated badly by his father, then onto him as a father with his own kids. He takes them on a camping trip, when disaster strikes and one of his kids fall off the canoe and gets trapped underneath. While he is frantically trying to save one son, his daughter is abducted by a felon, apparently well known to local police. There isn’t a lot of detail given about the actual specifics of the crime, it is pretty much brushed over. It is merely a tool to alert us as an audience that there are intense levels of sadness, confusion and life questioning situations to come.

Time passes, there’s some confusing interactions with a neighbour, his own father. One day he borrows the neighbor’s 4WD to go back to the ‘Shack’ where his little girl’s clothes were originally located after the abduction. Things go weird here. He gets to the shack, or so we believe, and somehow gets knocked unconscious. But what we see is ‘Mack’ transported to another world where he meets several people that represent the likeness of god. The dialogue is all about him being angry at god about the loss of his child, but in the film, god never really satisfies the viewer with a shred of a decent answer, just merely shallow propositions you might hear from any experienced politician dodging the real issues. Not to mention the fact that the bible itself makes everyone blameless for almost anything once they ask for god’s forgiveness, because god loves all, even the murderers. Mack is s’posed to learn to forgive, and we see Mack learning to forgive for the next hour, literally, it’s painful to watch. He is even asked to choose between his own kids, just as god chooses, asking if he should send one to hell, and one to heaven, it makes little sense because his kids had done nothing wrong, unlike his daughters killer. God then questions whether Mack has the right to judge the killer, or maybe the killers father, or that father etc etc, the question being, how far back do you go? God is blameless among all this because it is evil doing this, it isn’t god, and god can’t choose what is right, and whether or not to intervene. There are no answers in this film, not even in a playfully interesting way, it’s a frustrating dialogue to listen to for that long.

I’m not really a religious person, I don’t mind the odd Christian feel good movie, I liked ‘Highway To Heaven’, but this was too much and badly done, was not very entertaining, and left me questioning why an actor from a great film like ‘Avatar’ would consider putting his hand up for this rubbish. Maybe things are real tight in Hollywood at the moment. I could go on about how crap this film was in many other areas, but I think you get the picture. Could do a lot of damage to Worthington’s career, its showcased just how bland he can be.

The Shack review by Danusha_Goska Save Send Delete – Beautiful, Profound, Moving

“The Shack” is a beautiful, profound, and moving film. I’m a lifelong movie fan and I always look at reviews before I go to see movies. Of course I went to Rotten Tomatoes and saw that “The Shack” had received uniformly bad reviews. There is something wrong with the critics who panned this movie. They probably have a problem with Christianity. I think if a similar film had been made in Iran, about Islam, with English subtitles, it would receive an Academy Award nomination. Don’t let these bitter, twisted souls keep you from seeing “The Shack.”

The plot is simple. Mack, (Sam Worthington), an American husband and father, suffers an unbearable loss. He and other family members sink into depression. One day, Mack receives an invitation to return to the shack, the site of the worst moment of Mack’s life. He does return, and there he meets spiritual guides played by Octavia Spencer, Aviv Alush, Sumire Matsubara, Graham Greene, and Alice Braga (niece of Sonya Braga). Mack engages in conversation with these spiritual entities. He eventually returns to normal life with a changed outlook.

The film gets off to a rocky start. There is an unnecessary and amateurish voice-over narration by country music star Tim McGraw, who stars as Mack’s friend. Otherwise, though, McGraw is excellent on screen, displaying an understated charisma and authenticity that are totally beyond the film’s actual star, Sam Worthington. In fact I wish Tim McGraw had played Mack and Sam Worthington had played the best friend.

Too, there are many shifts in time in the opening scenes. There are flashbacks on top of flashbacks and a shocking crime that the movie never makes much use of. Once the movie gets started, about fifteen minutes in, it gets good.

Sam Worthington is okay as Mack. The thing is, his Australian accent is evident in virtually every word he speaks. Again, I wish the filmmakers had made McGraw the star.

Radha Mitchell is good looking but chilly as Mack’s wife. She looks like a movie star, not like a wife, and that took away from the film for me.

The rest of the cast is excellent. Octavia Spencer is assigned to play an almost impossible part, and she handles it with great professionalism and depth. Aviv Alush is especially good. Moviegoers have waited a long time for a star like this to play this part, and he knocks it out of the park.

The production values are high. The scenery is lush. I was especially moved by how this family-friendly film handles the tragedy at the center of Mack’s depression and alienation from God. The exact words are never used. Graphic images are never shown. Yet we know exactly what happened, and it breaks our hearts and causes us to ask the same questions that Mack asks.

Either you want to see a movie where an average man works out how to deal with unbearable tragedy or you don’t. Me, I loved sitting there watching Mack wrestle with his pain and his faith. Many self- identified Christians hate this movie with a white hot hatred. Big name Christian leaders have denounced it as heretical. One man told me that seeing the movie would be the equivalent of shooting heroin.

It think these folks are wearing their shorts much too tight. The film is an allegory. Any thinking person who has been through pain has had the same questions as Mack, and anyone who has read the Bible or other spiritual literature has pondered the same potential answers. I sincerely doubt that any film-goer is going to leave the theater thinking that he or she has actually seen God on screen, or heard God’s thoughts about human tragedy. Rather, like any good allegory, the film sets us on our own path of spiritual exploration. That’s a very good thing.

The Shack review by jadoredior1983 – This movie helped heal my heart

A perfect 10/10. I was thinking how am I going to sell this movie so everyone I know watches it? I don’t need to sell it, is the conclusion I came to. I’m going to share a text I sent to some amazing friends who I watched this with!

“I love papa! I love talking with Him! I love how he uses things we experience to inspire us! I love how he changes our hearts first and then the grace and power flow. I love how he gets excited when we are excited! And I love how happy he is right now. That the little victories are big victories in the kingdom of God. I just want to share this with everyone lol!”

So I will. I love the best friend I have in Jesus. That I can talk to him about anything and he cares. I love what he did for me. I love the Holy Spirit. I love the warmth he brings, the comfort, kindness and power that comes and flows through me. And I love how they are all God.

My advice to others is set aside what you think you know for an open mind and a new experience. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth, let her do the thinking and you do the watching and feeling.

Just so you know my biases have been set aside for this movie review. I don’t like a lick of country music! And Tim McGraw is in this movie! The king of country! The message is so powerful I ignored all my biases and just experienced an amazing movie!

The Shack review by Jeff2sayshi – Much better than your average faith based film

While on a camping trip with his 3 children, Mack (Worthington) is forced into a situation where he has to save his son. During that act his youngest daughter, Missy, is abducted and murdered. The remainder of the movie deals with how he deals with it and eventually moves on from it.

This could be the setup for any regular drama, but it IS a faith based film. The movie very much deals with God, from a purely Christian perspective, and issues of faith. While I may not personally agree with the resolutions provided by the movie, there are things worth commending about it.

The movie has much better production, writing, and most importantly, acting than any other faith based movie. The issues which are dealt with are real issues, and are treated as real human beings would. Too often faith based movies present a problem, and then just say pray and everything will be good. The Shack does actually delve into the mindset of loss, anger, and grief, and while not all may be satisfied with how it suggests handling it, at least it is handled maturely.

To quickly touch on the Christianity of the movie: There is no getting around it. Mack meets three people who are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It’s very plain. Even so, if you can ignore the who, and listen to the what the movie can be watched by a person of any faith.

I wouldn’t recommend it to somebody looking for a thriller, as it’s certainly not that. But for somebody who just wants to think about their faith a little, Christian or not, it provides that.

The Shack review by mrkirbyapex – Powerful

Much as the Bible is not just a book, this strikes as not just a movie. There is a Holy Spirit presence in the message, the performances and the narrative. We are born without the ability to comprehend the full meaning and condition of our existence, and default into what our limited knowledge shows us outside of faith. This movie and story cuts through much of that. it goes through our embedded deceptions and gives insight into the heart of God and how trust bears meaning into our lives. I love how Jesus’ character gave a succinct dismissal of religion as we see how deeply loving he is. I have been a Christian for nearly 30 years and the movie opened my eyes some new wonders and understanding. God in his limitless, healing and forgiving love.

The Shack review by jeanine1997 – excellent quality and acting work and an even better plot.

I read some reviews that this movie was bad. And that was my motive to write this review, for this movie is not bad. Not at all. This movie makes everyone cry; explains justice and love; shows you a father who loves his daughter dearly, but who has to bury his own daughter. Bury his own daughter… The story is awesome and well, I’m not really good in putting this into words, just watch the film. But besides the story, the actors are also astonishingly well. The figure who plays God is just so well chosen! It shows not only God’s love, but also His justice and why bad happens in the world. And then the figures which play Jesus and the Holy Spirit. What I also like is that all kind of ethnicity are present in the film. Middle east people, black people, white people, Asian people, native Americans and Latino’s. This movie does not judge ethnicity but represents them all. Also the music is very well chosen. Yeah. I just love this movie. It is almost Harry Potter quality, but just in a whole other genre.

Seriously, watch the movie. I seriously can’t and won’t believe that anyone would regret watching it.

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