[Review] Wonder 2017 – Watch Wonder 2017 123movies online free

[Review] Wonder 2017 – Watch Wonder 2017 123movies online free
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Watch Wonder 2017 online freeWonder is a beautiful family drama with a cast that’s wonderful. It’s an incredible story of mid school boy with facial differences who attends regular school for the first time. The movie showcases acceptance, love, friendship, kindness twined with lots of fun moments. The best part of it was the message “if you were given a choice to being right or being kind, choose kind”. Watch this touching drama that resonates assurance of kindness. Wonder was in and out wonderful. A must watch for the family drama lovers

Actor: Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic,

Director: Stephen Chbosky,

Genre: Drama, Family

Country: United States

IMDb: 8.1

Release: 2017

Review Wonder 2017 123movies free – Watch Wonder 2017 123movies online free

Review Wonder 2017 by Fadi_Michel – A perfect family movie

We need this type of movies nowadays!

It is an emotional, funny & uplifting story. I was fully sympathized with August Pullman. It was so wonderful to see and feel everything through him. The way he describes everything is so beautiful. Also, knowing the story from the perspective of certain characters made a strong connection between me and them.

I read the book. It was awesome too. Some details were changed in the movie but were good changes and there are some details from the book I hoped the movie to show it and it didn’t but that didn’t affect the movie in a negative way. Everything was simple, clear and on point. The movie has strong messages about kindness, love, appreciating everyone for who they are and true friendship.

Jacob Tremblay proves again his talent as an actor. You won’t recognize him because of the makeup but his expressions, voice and eyes were really persuasive. All the kids are amazing. Izabela Vidovic surprised me a lot. Julia Roberts is excellent and Owen Wilson was great. He was exactly as I imagined him while reading the Book.

Finally, Stephen Chbosky. Great job man! Once again he made me care about the characters and he portrayed them beautifully specially the kids. He let them shine in every scene.

I loved this movie so much. I had a great and enjoyable time with it. I laughed and cried. It is pure and heartwarming. This is a perfect family movie.


Review Wonder 2017 by magnusshadowhunterslightwood – Not perfect, but damn well close to it

First of all, I gotta say that I read the book. I absolutely loved the book. Now, I wasn’t going to raise my expectations for the movie adaptation because we all know how movies disappoint in comparison to the book. Wonder however, stays true to the book, which is its major redeeming point. I thought it would be some modified, really boring movie that would make me sigh throughout the whole 2 hours as I pointed out key flaws and differences between the movie and book (because I’m one of those people), but I loved it. The acting was INCREDIBLE, the story stayed true to the book (they only left out a flew plot points rather than invent their own) and it was overall a great experience. When I got out of the cinema, so many people were crying or said they had cried and I was overjoyed to find out that I wasn’t the only person who felt touched. The child actors are fantastic, but overall there wasn’t one bad actor. IF you were considering seeing this movie but weren’t sure because you thought it might be boring, trust me, it’s really worth the watch!

Review Wonder 2017 by Figgy66-915-598470 – Beautiful

13 November 2017 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Wonder. Today is world kindness day and a link appeared on Facebook offering free tickets at cinemas across the country to see a special pre-release preview of this beautiful film. Wonder is the story of Auggie Pullman who is born different. Home schooled, his mother feels it’s time for him to enter mainstream education and he joins the 5th grade. People can be cruel and kids can be cruellest of all and Auggie struggles in a world where everyone stares and whispers and even bullies. It’s not only Auggie who struggles however, as the film progresses we are told the story from different angles, that of Auggie himself, his sister, his sister’s friend and his own new friend. All have issues which are both affected and unaffected by the way Auggie looks. This is a heartwarming tale, based on a New York Times bestselling book. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson play the parents who love their son fiercely and ache for his anguish and rejoice in his successes as he finds his way in the world of the 5th grade. I urge you to go and see this, easy to watch and the characters are all endearing in their own way, even the bullies. I believe it’s on general release at the beginning of December.

Review Wonder 2017 by Mmezajr – Feel Good Movie!

I absolutely fell in love with the story of this movie. I went to the premier last night and didn’t really know what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised. I don’t consider myself an emotional movie watcher but I almost lost it 3 times and I laughed more than I could remember. The story line was very easy to follow along. I did not lose interest not one time. I was so impressed with the children actors. A very beautifully written and directed movie. Must watch for the whole family.

Review Wonder 2017 by 2001ASOfan – What a kind, joyous film

It’s early in the 2017 Holiday and Christmas season–well, at least from a normal person’s perspective, not a retailer’s perspective–and we now have a holiday film well worth taking time away from all the hubbub to enjoy. After being thoroughly depressed by “A Bad Moms Christmas” (even though I normally love a season-tweaking R-rated comedy during the holidays) seeing “Wonder” was (yes, I know what I’m about to say is a cliché, but it fits this particular film perfectly) like a cold, bracing, and refreshing breath of fresh air. The less you know about it before viewing the more joyous your viewing experience will be, so I’ll just say it’s one holiday film I hope will become an annual tradition along with the likes of “It’s A Wonderful Life, “White Christmas,” and “A Christmas Story.” While “Wonder” is not specifically meant as a “Christmas” or holiday film, it fits the more joyous and kind themes of the holiday season that are supposedly the core reason we even bother to celebrate them.

Review Wonder 2017 by Mikesilversteinusa – It is a Wonder how they threaded the needle so perfectly

This is the adaptation of a book written for children and young adults. The book was a runaway best-seller, and director Stephen Chbosky was determined to keep the movie true to the book. The book was as predictable as an Afterschool Special and there was nothing subtle about the plot. It’s manipulative as can be. It’s formulaic. If the movie was to remain true to the beloved novel, it had to be all these things.

And yet, Chbosky has created a wonder of cinema that kids love and makes their parents and grandparents weep unashamedly. We may know where we are going with this movie, but it is an unforgettable journey. Stephen Chbosky threaded the needle here, keeping true to R.J. Palacios’ book, painting the plot, dialogue, and action in vivid colors so that kids will understand and love it, and yet making it intelligent enough that adults love it even more, and on many different levels.

The screen writing is brilliant, and the acting ensemble is breathtakingly good.

Jacob Tremblay may be a once in a generation young actor. Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts are perfect in their roles as Auggie’s parents. Izabela Vidovic takes your heart as Auggie’s older sister, who has needs of her own. And Mandy Patinkin and Daveed Diggs hold it all together – brilliantly – while dispensing the wisdom (and Afterschool Special lessons) that we all need to learn, and learn again.

Patinkin – as Mr Tushman the Principal – tells the students that Auggie might not be able to change the way he looks, but we can change the way we see.

And courageous young Auggie, who has been through so much, reminds us that he’s not the only person with needs. “Be kind,” he tells us, “for everyone you meet may be fighting a hard battle.”

This movie is this generation’s version of what Pauline Kael called Capra-corn. It is unapologetically sentimental. It manipulates you and plays on your emotions. It’s all about good and bad, about the values we hopefully learned as kids, and need to relearn as we become more worldly.

And like Capra’s movies, the audiences love Wonder far more than the reviewers. That’s why this movie had the highest audience testing ratings in Lionsgate’s history.

Take your car, take the subway, take your family, and see this movie. It’s that good. And bring Kleenex.

Review Wonder 2017 by CineMuseFilms – a delightful emotional ambush about being different

It’s not possible to write a spoiler for Wonder (2017): if you see the trailer you have seen the film. The beginning, middle and end are laid bare and no filmmaker would dare not have a happy ending for a child born with a facial disfigurement. The story has few narrative twists and turns, an absence of rising tension, and very little character development. So why see it at all?

The plot line is simple. Smart ten-year old Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay) has been home- schooled by his devoted mother Isabel (Julia Roberts) in order to protect him from the outside world. Wherever he goes people stare at his face, so it has been a tough decade for the boy born with the rare facial deformity. Together with loving father Nate (Owen Wilson) and understanding sister Via (Izabela Vidovic), the family has prepared him as best they can so Auggie can attend a regular school. His encounters with the students are predictably human, as is the effect on the resilient Auggie. Every clichéd scenario we have seen in every coming-of-age film is played out over the ensuing school term: he is isolated in the canteen; laughed at in class; picked on and called a freak. But slowly, people look past his face and see a funny, intelligent, and kind boy who is no different from any other.

This could be one of the most manipulative films you will see in a long time. But it is also one of the most endearing. It all rests on the ability of the cast to reach out from behind the screen and squeeze your heart ever so tightly. The film belongs to Julia Roberts. She has one of the most expressive faces in contemporary cinema and the fear, pain and love she emotes as Auggie’s mum is palpable. Anyone who has had a mother will love her performance. Owen Wilson is perfect as a goofy but wise dad whose ‘tough love’ for Auggie is so empowering. Izabela Vidovic does a superb job as the teenage sister who lives in the shadow of her brother’s needs but loves him dearly. With extraordinary talent for such a young actor, Jacob Tremblay is a masked persona in the eye of an emotional storm. The story digresses into several character vignettes to show that even his cruellest tormentors have a back-story that merits sympathy for their behaviour. This is heavy-duty tissues territory.

Few will escape the emotional ambush of this film but you are sure to leave it on a high. Saturated with positive themes and messages, it is especially relevant to anyone who has ever experienced or witnessed bullying or has been shunned because they are different. It is filmed with a down-to- earth realism and a comedic touch that lightens its load but never laughs at the issues. You will not care about overdosing on clichés because this delightful and inspiring film is worth every minute.

Review Wonder 2017 by Anurag-Shetty – A feel-good film

Wonder is based on the novel of the same name by R.J. Palacio. It tells the story of August ‘Auggie’ Pullman(Jacob Tremblay). Auggie was born with a facial condition, that makes him look very different from all the other kids his age. As a result, Auggie has never been to a regular school but, has been home schooled instead. When Auggie turns ten & is about to enter middle school, his parents decide to put him in a regular school. Now, it is up to Auggie to somehow navigate his way through school, for the very first time in his life.

Wonder is a mind-blowing movie. Director Stephen Chbosky has given us a heartwarming film that doesn’t get too preachy & melodramatic, despite its premise. Instead, the proceedings of the movie are light & humorous, while also tugging at your heartstrings from time to time. The performances are the highlight of the film. Jacob Tremblay is the star of the show, as Auggie. Tremblay gives us another unforgettable performance after Room(2015). Owen Wilson is brilliant as Nate. Izabela Vidovic is spectacular as Via. Julia Roberts is fantastic as Isabel. Noah Jupe is superb as Jack Will. Danielle Rose Russell is great as Miranda. Mandy Patinkin is good as Mr. Tushman. Nadji Jeter is impressive as Justin. Daveed Diggs is effective as Mr. Browne. Bryce Gheisar, Elle McKinnon, Millie Davis & Ty Consiglio are awesome as Julian, Charlotte, Summer & Amos, respectively. Wonder is a must watch, with your entire family. Go & witness this absolute wonder of a movie, as soon as possible!

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