Why American superstars are increasingly pouring into China?

Why American superstars are increasingly pouring into China?
Why American superstars are increasingly pouring into China?
Why American superstars are increasingly pouring into China?
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Why American superstars are increasingly pouring into China? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood’s success has been seen as the pinnacle of foreign actors and directors. Even so, the breeze has reversed. As in many other businesses, the power of the huge Chinese market has shown its appeal in the film industry. This is where the sales figures are sublimated. That is the reason for the reversal.

If the biggest stars of Chinese cinema like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Ang Lee are American, then the American and Western talents have “China moving forward”, looking for opportunities. shines in Beijing. The film stars Michael Douglas, the Oscar-winning star, in the title role as the mysterious villain. The 73-year-old actor is highly praised by Chinese critics. Watch zmovie online free.

Douglas is not the only Hollywood star ready to play a supporting role in a Chinese movie. Earlier this year, Michael Pitt (who also starred in the Boardwalk Empire, The Dreamers) also starred in Detective Chinatown 2’s Wanda Pictures. Big win with $ 544 million. Frank Grillo, who starred in Captain America: Civil War by Marvel, also played a villain in Wolf Warrior 2, China’s biggest-grossing blockbuster ($ 870 million). And by the end of this summer, Bruce Willis and Adrian Brody will star in the Unbreakable Spirit, a film by the China Film Group about the Japanese bombing of the city of Chongqing during World War II.

Why American superstars are increasingly pouring into China?
Why American superstars are increasingly pouring into China?

The blockbuster The Meg also debuted with starring actress Jason Straham and Chinese actress Li Bingbing. The two will team up to fight the sharks to rescue innocents in a $ 150 million disaster movie. In the past, the most notable appearance of Hollywood stars in China was Matt Damon as a warrior in the blockbuster “The Great Wall” (directed by Legandary and director Zhang Yimou) and Christian Bale in the martial arts film. Flowers of War also of Zhang Yimou.

But those films are co-produced by American and Chinese producers with American producers, hoping to create a successful blockbuster in both markets. Choosing Hollywood stars to film in the film is necessary to attract attention in the US market. As of now, the new wave of Chinese films is aimed at Chinese audiences. Hollywood stars are chosen because of their charisma towards Chinese audiences. “Bringing foreign actors to Hollywood movies is almost always to increase the quality of film production to boost sales in the country,” said Jonah Greenberg, former president of CAA China, who recently opened a film production company. in Beijing.

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History has changed. In the past, Chinese stars were considered “foreigners” in Hollywood but now, when the focus is on China, Hollywood stars are called “foreigners.” One of the factors that accelerated this trend was the rapid increase in Chinese film funding. By 2015, the first part of the Detective Chinatown film is produced with $ 15 million, but by 2018, Wanda has increased funding four times ($ 60 million) for the second. Unbreakable Spirit, with Willis and Brody, also has a budget of $ 65 million. Producers say the increase reflects both an increase in box office revenue in the past ($ 8.6 billion in 2017) and an effort to surpass the North American market by 2020. In addition, Chinese audiences also demanded to see world-class movie productions that were made exclusively for them.


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