X-Force in Deadpool 2, who are they, where is their strength?

X-Force in Deadpool 2, who are they, where is their strength?
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X-Force team with the strength of the heathen that Deadpool gathered in the upcoming movie what so terrible? Is there something in this Deadpool X-Force team?

After the success of the first film in 2016, Fox decided to make an investment to make Deadpool 2 a superhero blockbuster. In addition to the return of the host, the movie opens up a whole new world with cable inheritance from the future and the X-Force. In the comic book, this is the organization set up by Cable to stop the end of the world. Who are they so awesome?

1. Deadpool

What will happen in the upcoming movie, Deadpool will be the leader and founder of X-Force to protect the child actor (played by child actor Julian Dennison) from Cable. With a serious nature and a lack of serious work style, he is likely to cause some problems when sitting on the chair. However, the importance is still the goddess, and Deadpool will certainly do well task thanks to his super-fast recovery capacity. Funded in the original, Cable is the leader of the X-Force team to catch Deadpool. However, this change is quite understandable when the hero’s mouthpiece mouthpiece is the main character in the film.

2. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

It is no surprise that Negasonic Teenage Warhead is on this list as she has appeared in the first part. Personally, the heterosexual is a calm, satirical teenager who has anti-social behavior but is also very patient, humorous and heroic. In terms of strength, she has the ability to turn herself into a bomb, depending on the level of power she wants to sprout. Negasonic Teenage Warhead can blow from a truck to an aircraft carrier. This is a very potential character and can create many miracles.

3. Domino

Domino is probably one of the most interesting additions to Deadpool 2’s cast. She also played an important role in the formation of the group. Besides the appearance of fire, female heterosexual possesses quite extraordinary strength of luck. Winning is a rare thing in every person’s life, but not Domino. The subconscious good luck of her can dominate the events in the direction that benefits her self. In the comics, the female mutant is also one of X-Force’s first “bricks”, serving under Lieutenant Cable.

4. Jesse Bedlam

In addition to Ryan Reynolds or Josh Brolin, Terry Crews is a famous name in the cast Deadpool 2 thanks to the presence of a variety of TV shows and blockbuster. In the movie, he will play Bedlam, a mutant capable of manipulating the electric field.

5. Shatterstar

This is all that can be seen through the trailer, and to this fourth character there is nothing to be 100% sure, the characters later on the list are the same, all based on speculation. . However, it is only possible to deduce the high-level character behind Deadpool, Shatterstar, an “artificial” mutant from a distant future.

The origin of this character is, of course, a mystery, but in the story he was born as a slave in a dimensional space called Mojoworld. If Shatterstar did not appear on the list, he would be genetically modified to become a gladiator. Thus, Shatterstar possesses great physical strength plus the ability to recover and endure the qualities required to survive in the arena.

6. Zeitgeist

Unlike the other four, the Zeitgeist was a genuine 2Ker when it debuted in the Marvel comics world in 2001. In X-Force # 116, his power was to extract a mucus compound all the material on Earth; This makes him one of the most unlucky mutants in X-Force.

7. Peter Wisdom

Created by Warren Ellis and Ken Lashley, Peter is both a British intelligence agent and a mutant. He possesses the power to absorb energy and transforms it into his next attack: deadly heatwave knives. Of course, shaping this character on the film will be a bit different, but basically Peter will still be a polite style person with a vest on his shoulders.

8. Surge

Although Shiori Kutsuna’s character appeared in the second trailer, whether her name appeared on the cast was not officially confirmed. So, like the characters from Shatterstar onwards, she is still quite a mystery to most viewers. However, thanks to a small footage showing Shiori throwing a thunderbolt, it can be concluded that the Surge, a mutant capable of absorbing electrical energy unconsciously but can be completely active Release them in the form of lightning bolts.


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